Project 1 Brief

Project Brief

How do you evoke a particular emotion when making music or creating a piece of art? In particular, can the drawing of lines express a variety of moods and emotions? This project suggests infinite possibilities of experimenting with various drawing and mark making techniques to express a series of emotions, and eventually create abstract line works.

The brief requires you to interpret a total of 6 emotions using lines on a given template (see “PDF”). The series of line work should be varied and each express the emotions (or its secondary/tertiary derivative emotion) based on the 6 basic emotion categories, i.e. anger, love, joy, fear, sadness and surprise. Each line should measure 380mm (length) by 72mm (width) and the 6 lines are to be pasted neatly and orderly over 2 separate A3 sheets of paper in the landscape orientation.


The aim of this study is to explore expressive mark making through the use of traditional tools. Experiment with different mark making styles and techniques and avoid illustrating emotions literally or creating anything representational.Visual elements (point, line, shape, space, scale, texture and value/tone) created as a result will be used to produce abstract, nonrepresentational “lines” that can depict emotive states. Explore the interaction between each of these elements.


The execution of this project must be reduced to using expressive lines. Execute each solution within the given space (template) unless your ideas demand otherwise. The background should be considered as an integral part of the design too. There is no limitations on the variety of styles or mediums used.

You may refer to the examples given below, but please remember to go beyond what is shown and produce something unique.

Suggested are any of, or the combination of, the following techniques: drawing, calligraphy, photocopy, collage, monoprint, linocut, any automatic techniques (decalcomania, frottage, fumage, collage). Another suggestion is to make your own mark making tools to create different outcomes.


This project is to be done exclusively by hand; no digital methods. The outcome will be in black and white only. There will be 6 line works corresponding to the various emotions in total. The name of the emotion corresponding to the individual lines should be clearly labelled under each line.


Final output dimensions: 2 A3 (420mm x 297mm)

Please see “PDF” Page 2


Suggested duration 3 – 4 weeks


Ideation: 40%

• Ability to formulate idea

• Ability to research

• Ability to explore

• Creative risk taking

Realisation & Delivery: 40%

• Ability to apply principles of art and design to result in

effective communications

• Ability to apply research

• Coherence

• Craftsmanship

Presentation: 20%

• Level of readiness

• Organisation of presentation

• Clarity of voice

• Command of knowledge


This project is referenced from “The Process: A New Foundation in Art and Design” by Judith Wilde and Richard Wilde; Publisher: Laurence King Publishing (January 6, 2015) ISBN-13: 978-1780672397

Some artists reference: Ed Moses Drawings from 1960 and 70ties, Sol LeWitt “Scribbles”, gunpowder drawings by Cai Guo-Qiang, Hilma af Klint, Emma Kunz, Agnes Martin, Andy Warhol’s Shadows, Oxidations, and Rorschach, Julie Mehretu, Cy Twombly, Franz Kline, Yves Klein, Mark Bradford etc.

Search Pinterest for drawing, mark making … etc as reference.


Download PDF version of Project 1 Brief here: Project 1 Emo_Brief_AY1718

Automatic Techniques Reading: AutomaticTechniquesLR