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Project 2 - Image, Sound, Memory (10 Images with Sound)

Kwok Quan Rui

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 - 09:18:09 am

@ qrmadethis

Above is my project for Project 2.

I personally struggled a lot with this project as i felt that it was very difficult meshing 2 different mediums together to try and make them cohesive. To make the sound and images add up together to paint a scene or a feeling Read more →


4D project 2: At the Threshold of Memories

Qiu Wen

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 - 01:22:39 pm

@ qlee011

This audio visual journal revolves around the recovery of a girl from losing a loved one, told in the point of view of a peephole.


4D Project 2 - Image & Sound ( Memory Vault )

Ravindran Kobu

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 - 01:03:45 pm

@ Let's Go!

Memory Vault, is my take on an audio book where i express crucial moment in my life thus far. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Sorry about not able to directly upload to OSS, below is the link to my audiobook.


4D Project 2: Image & Sound

Chanel Chan

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 - 09:54:13 am

@ chanel5chan

A Love Story

(disclaimer: some conversations  spoken in Cantonese)

It is not only a love story of my Ah Gong and Nai Nai, it’s also a love story of Nai Nai and I. She was my caregiver since birth, hence a special bond has been formed Read more →


The Letter


Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 - 03:43:07 am


Song translation:

Please don’t leave me, oh my darling, oh sweetheart. 

I am missing you, my the most sweet, the most beautiful

Song translation:

You are the only star I worship 

The place of love, and hope for the future

Conversation Translation:

Woman 1: I heard that keeping chickens were banned!

Read more →

Text and image work missing.

May The Circle Remain Unbroken


Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 - 03:42:34 am


May The Circle Remain Unbroken is a narrative audio-visual journey regarding a meditation on love, yearning, loneliness and ennui in my life. These are fragmented memories in a journey that has no apparent beginning or end.

These are 1:1 excerpts from a diary I had while on assignment in Read more →


Image, Sound and Memory: A Day Before University.

Zafirah Asnadi

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 - 03:24:49 am


In this artwork, I’ve decided to use the memory of when it was the final day of holidays and the start to a new journey.

I didn’t spend much time having fancy celebrations to start off a new chapter in my life. I’ve decided to make it simple and be grateful for the little things that I will miss when the Read more →


Can you trust your memory? (updated)

Su Yang

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 - 03:12:37 am

@ suyang

For maximum effect, do pay attention to the audio while observing the images, and do not rewind to previous images before you complete viewing the entire gallery. However, you may take your time to admire each photo before moving on.

Post class discussion:

Additional information on the story told in the first Read more →