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Project 3 Thinking Sequentially, Impossibilities of Being

Su Yang

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 - 11:50:59 pm

@ suyang

*Will upgrade to a video rather than a gif file soon*

To start and to end the sequence with sleeping. In this project I took way more time than I should have sketching out the scenes I wanted and hence didn’t have enough preparation time to execute it. Originally the first and the last scene (right after the dream sequence) Read more →


4D_Project 3_Thinking Sequentially


Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 - 09:20:02 pm

@ wang1290

Actually for this project the content I want to shoot came to my mind before the the concept. When I first to  know the project, I want to take  a series photo of  the object with high-speed movement so that every frame reserve sthe details of  motion.

The two objects I choose are  rifle target and shuttlecock.

These 90 images show how a Read more →


4D | sequential imaging

Jamie Lim

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 - 04:38:32 pm

@ when in doubt, freak them out

The third assignment, we had to shoot 90 images, and show it during class time.

My plan was to do a stop-motion video, with characters I drew!

The concept was a dream, and me fighting in the dream.

It started with me sleeping, and heading into dream mode, where I went to a boxing ring and fought three rounds with male A.

First round Read more →


Project 3 - Sequential

Khairunisa Helmi

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017 - 01:56:12 pm

@ Khairunisa H Studio


A particular order in which related things follow each other. A set of related events, movements, or items that follow each other in a particular order.

Upon receiving this project, the requirement of ‘sleep’ immediately reminds me of people sleeping on the train. So, for this project, its a storyline I wanted to portray the motion of people when they sleep on the Read more →


Impossibilities of Being Research and Development

Qiu Wen

Monday, Nov 20, 2017 - 11:16:38 pm

@ qlee011

When I received the brief, I first thought of dreams as we are supposed to start with a sleeping posture. Since dreams are not bound by reality, I decided to do some digital drawing to create some dreamlike characters.

While doing research for stop motion, I came across this youtube channel ‘Pencilmation’ that are known for their animations that plays with Read more →


4D: Sequential Thinking Research & Development

Chanel Chan

Monday, Nov 20, 2017 - 01:36:09 am

@ chanel5chan

Upon receiving the project brief, I was excited by the level of playfulness that could be included in the series of images. Since most of my 4D projects had a inclination to visuals or techniques that are less modern, I decided to continue with this streak by playing with old Singapore toys.

IDEATION The very first part of my process was Read more →


Impossibilites Of Being Research


Saturday, Nov 18, 2017 - 08:25:54 pm


My major source of inspiration was how I coud utilize photography as a way to explain images sequentially. I was intrigued at how, we can sequence image in a non-sequential or non-linear manner or how a certain flow of feelings or emotion could be felt when arranged.

I was primarily intrigued by this music video

Although it felt very diaristic, Okuyama’s (the videographer) arrangment of Read more →


Project 3 Research


Thursday, Nov 16, 2017 - 10:50:54 pm

@ Zoey

I came across this stop motion video which made use of Legos to be part of their stop motion. This inspired me to use Legos as part of my 90 sequential images as it allows me to showcase a transition and mix of the real world and a dreamlike world with Legos.

I researched on dream meanings and thus decided to Read more →


Project 3: Research and Development


Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017 - 03:41:55 pm

@ jznki

For this project, I decided to go with the idea of a Nightmare, since we had to start with waking up and end with going back to sleep. While analyzing the concepts of a nightmare further, I found myself discovering that all my nightmares were usually based off senseless things; sequence that did not make sense, or things that were Read more →


[4D] Project 3 Research and Development

Yap Qian Yin

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017 - 03:00:05 pm

@ Yap Qian Yin

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