Link to Reading on Sound now available! & Pre Seminar Tasks and Questions

By: michaeltan |


Dear All,

Please find the link to the reading document file on sound.
Please read allĀ TWO articles in the document.

In addition, please complete the TWO Pre-Seminar Tasks

Pre-Seminar TaskĀ 
Find TWO examples of Sound Art and post on your OSS under “Interesting Finds”
Please provide the Name of the Artist, image and URL to the work, a short description to introduce the work and your opinion about it (150 Max). Some of the key words you might consider to facilitate your search include: Sound art, Sound installation art, Sound as art

Seminar Questions

  1. What is sound?
  2. How has it been use in culture and society?
  3. What makes it an art?
  4. How does advancement in audio technology affect our sense?

Post your response under “Reading Assignment”.
I am not expecting an essay but some key points discussion eg (50 – 100 max for each section)



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