OSS House Keeping for Final Portfolio Assessment: Update and Submission Deadline 22 Nov 12pm.

By: michaeltan |

Dear All,

As we are nearing the end of the semester, may I request you to update your OSS and ensure that all your projects – Research and Development and Final Artwork, are categorised in their respective categories.

Update and Submission Deadline: 22 Nov, 12pm

  1. Project 1A – Strange Encounter
  2. Project 1B – Paradox
  3. Project 2 – Text and Image (Advertisement)
  4. Project 2- Image, Sound, Memory (10 Images with sound)
  5. Project 3- Sequential Thinking (90 images)
  6. Project 4- Evocative Objects

Please ensure that you furnish entries required for the following category too!

  • Museum visit
  • Interesting Finds
  • Reading Assignments

Please check all post are categorised properly.
Missing Item from the list will not be grade.

Thank you!


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