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ADM-DiP GREEN Gantt Chart


Monday, Nov 06, 2017 - 03:57:10 pm

@ Ping's

Here is the Gantt chart for our group!


ADM-DIP GREEN – Development Process Update

Su Hwee Lim

Thursday, Nov 02, 2017 - 04:57:28 pm

@ Hwee's

Before sending the form board to IEM side we also has done the marking and drilled the holes for the flowers base. The following are the plans for size of the form board for the two cluster of flowers .

Our current progress is IEM students has completed the wiring for the first cluster, but we Read more →

The team has made great progress!  Looking forward to hearing more about it today in class.

ADM-DIP GREEN – Development Process Update

Su Hwee Lim

Monday, Oct 30, 2017 - 04:39:44 pm

@ Hwee's

Our aim for this week is to finish up the physical form of the flowers earlier so we can pass parts of the flowers to IEM people to do up wiring. We will also be start filming part of the video this weekend!

Considering the timeline, all 5 of us have meet up a few times over the week to make Read more →

I really enjoyed seeing how your team is working together to turn used plastic cups into a light installation!  Nice photos.  :-)

Week 11: ADM-DIP White iLight Update

Ummi Kaltsum

Monday, Oct 30, 2017 - 04:32:14 pm




Ocean Sustainability

– Show the consequence of plastic pollution that affects the ocean, through the multiplication of jellyfishes.

Why jellyfish?

– Jellyfishes multiply when the temperature of the ocean is affected by pollution. Increasing high number of jellyfish is a strong warning that our ocean is dying.


No one steps on:

a. A few jellyfish are lit up (light intensity = Read more →


ADM-DIP GREEN - Development Process [Discussion on 25 OCT 2017]

Su Hwee Lim

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017 - 02:19:59 am

@ Hwee's

The progress that we aim for this week:

Collection of plastic cups:

We have place notice and boxes at strategic area to collect from our fellow adm peeps. The collection point are located at B1, Level 1 and Level 2 beside the dustbin where mainly student would gather around. We also posted on ADM Facebook page to giving them a heads up Read more →


[Documentation] DiP-ADM Green - Areas of Improvement


Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017 - 07:46:03 pm

@ Ping's

Pushing aside the improvements we have made — as mentioned by Suhwee in an earlier post, one of the biggest area for us to improve on is how we can incorporate sound into our installation.

Sound has always been the component that is most underdeveloped for our installation. As of now, our idea is limited to simply using chimes to illustrate Read more →


[Documentation] ADM-DIP Green Group - Light Patterns Development


Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017 - 05:55:38 pm

@ Yaaayu's


As our installation focuses primarily on light pattern to give the visual impact to viewers, we have tried a few light patterns over the past 2 weeks.

*All the GIFs here are the TOP view of one cluster of our installation. As all the stalks are laid in a circular cluster.

1. Circular-Outward Pattern Read more →

This is a promising solution to the discussion we had in class last time about the animation. Looking forward to hearing more on the project today!

ADM-DIP GREEN - Development Process [Discussion on 16 OCT 2017]

Su Hwee Lim

Monday, Oct 23, 2017 - 04:03:30 pm

@ Hwee's

After the presentation, we have taken the feedback in to consideration and made some possible improvement.

Ideas Improvements:

Animation (Light Pattern) – Cater to high number of people

– Changes according to the distance of the people to the sensor, no longer about how many people within the installation

– Can also play with colour of light such as cool colour to prevent misleading ideas Read more →