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ADM-DIP WHITE – Site Options

Raymond A Pradhana

Saturday, Oct 14, 2017 - 04:03:31 pm

@ Raymond

During the site visit to Marina Bay on 11 October, our team considered several factors before deciding our installation site: – Environment: Wind, heat, rain, water drainage, etc. – Existing structure to utilise – Nearby light sources – Crowd and traffic

We narrowed down our options into 4 possible locations (ordered by priority): 1. A2 – Mist Walk 2. A6 – Breeze Shelter 3. A5 – Waterfront Promenade Read more →


ADM-DIP White - Development Process

Ummi Kaltsum

Saturday, Oct 14, 2017 - 01:38:36 am


During recess week, ADM-DIP members met up for the presentation on the IEM side. From feedback, we refined further:


Showing the effect of plastic pollution in the ocean.


Effect is shown through the marine life that is affected by plastic pollution with the change of colour. Mobiles installation of marine life, represented by jellyfish; about 6-8 suspended

What will happen

Ripple effect will be projected Read more →


ADM-DIP GREEN - Development Process

Su Hwee Lim

Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017 - 02:52:34 am

@ Hwee's


Over the past few week we have meet up to discuss on how we should do about for the recycled materials. The problem we face was how do we make it not look like a recycled material or trash. We did some research before we start exploring with plastic cups.

This artist uses mass white plastic cups and stacking them together Read more →


ADM-DIP White iLight Proposal


Sunday, Sep 24, 2017 - 11:49:31 pm

@ /kaywerlyn

ADM-DIP White iLight Proposal


Show the harm of non-biodegradable materials and the seriousness of our actions through an immersive interactive experience.

Step Reminds us of our existence on the earth Butterfly effect A single step will shake nature’s balance Ripple effect A single step will impact the whole earth Chaos theory A single step will bring our delicate earth into chaos Theory of synergy Multiple steps combined will cause a chaotic Read more →
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Group 4 - iLight Proposal 2


Thursday, Sep 21, 2017 - 04:56:25 pm

@ Kaixin

Group 4 iLight concept proposal 2

Inspired by artist Akinori Goto’s dancing light sculpture, we aim to focus on the concept of “regeneration of energy and circle of life”. The sculpture paints a narrative of a life cycle frame by frame. As the sculpture spins, the frames join together to illustrate a story. Each time, there will be one user that Read more →

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Sounds like an interesting idea.  What will you do to create something original that is from your group?  How will you test it to see if it's feasible?

Group 4: Proposal Update

Viet Nguyen

Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017 - 12:38:03 pm

@ Viet Nguyen

Project Proposal 1, Stress:

Focusing on emotional sustainability, this installation is inspired by brain activity and stress. The installation would be open-air and immersive, allowing users to walk into/through the work. The form would be inspired by the brain and the connection of neurons where lights would represent neurons. By using relaxing sounds and cool colors, the installation will Read more →

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Sounds intriguing Viet. I like the idea of creating an environment that induces emotional well-being and stress management (or visualisation) using light. Can you find some examples that would help explain the concept? Or could you make some quick sketches to illustrate the concept to share with your team mates?

Research on iLight festival 2017


Saturday, Sep 09, 2017 - 11:48:37 pm

@ Kaixin

Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3

I did not have the chance to attend the iLight Festival 2017, so I found some pictures online. But the pictures do not do them justice because I couldn’t see them in action. The year’s topic is nature, the artworks I prefer usually shows a big contrast with the urban landscapes.

Picture 1 and 2 show the artwork Read more →

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RESPONSE: Previous iLight festival project

Su Hwee Lim

Thursday, Sep 07, 2017 - 12:26:50 am

@ Hwee's

The first project I though of was this piece that I went there personally on 2012 iLight Marina. I could not find any information about it so I would describe it from my memory.

This piece actually was place on somewhere that is not very obvious, however it attract my attention because it was only this straight of light with Read more →