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Future World: Reflection


Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 - 06:22:03 pm

@ /kaywerlyn

Though I’ve been to this exhibition a few times, every time I step in and experience the installations it feels like I’ve never been there before. This time, the immersive experience that I felt was so much more as compared to the previous times that I’ve been there. I was able to take my time and soak in each installation Read more →

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Reflection: FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science


Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 - 01:37:05 pm

@ J E M S

Future World explored 4 different types of narratives namely Nature, Town, Park and Space. We kickstarted the visit in an immersive installation called, “Crows are chased and the chasing crows are destined to be chased as well, Transcending space”. Through the 3-dimensional audio and light projection, I felt totally absorbed into the scene and as a result I got motion-sickness. Read more →

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Week 6 Reflection: Future World @ ArtScience Museum

Ummi Kaltsum

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 - 01:10:02 pm


reflection on how and what you experienced, observed, and learned from the visit

It was my first ever trip to Future World @ ArtScience Museum. Normally, my attention span for museums and exhibitions are short but Future World managed to make me feel interested and interact with the exhibitions.

The first exhibit; when it was ongoing, all I could think Read more →

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Trip To Future World @ ArtScience Museum


Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 - 01:27:37 am

@ Jayden

The trip to Future World by TeamLab at the ArtScience Museum was certainly enriching as it was my first time going for the exhibition. Upon entering the exhibition, I was greeted with an immersive experience through 4D projections and it was definitely eye-opening. I felt like I was being brought into another dimension with the combinations of light and sound.

Moving Read more →

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Future World by TeamLab

Dhea Mariesta

Friday, Sep 22, 2017 - 12:47:12 pm

@ deuxtronomy

This is the second time I have visited Future World exhibition by TeamLab at ArtScience Museum, so I got to witness the changes they have made. During this field trip, I am glad that the place is not crowded so that I got the chance to understand the technical aspects they use to enhance the experience of art and play.

Last Read more →

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[Reflection] Future World @ Art Science Museum


Friday, Sep 22, 2017 - 01:20:32 am

@ Yaaayu's

This exhibition is one that caters to audience of different age groups and especially interesting due to the interactive element to the whole exhibition.

The exhibition is divided into 4 parts: Nature, Town, Park & Space. Each part has its uniqueness. Personally, i really love the immersiveness of the installations at Nature and Space.

NATURE The use of visualization to let audience immerse Read more →

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Art Science Museum - Future World


Thursday, Sep 21, 2017 - 10:43:17 pm

@ Through the Cracks of the Violin

Future World is a brilliant exhibition where audiences get to fully experience each and every installation, not just by watching, but through almost every other senses like sound and touch.

In Nature, there are 5 panels of LED projecting an endless wave of waves. Accompanied by soothing music and bean bags strewn across the carpet floor, visitors are encouraged to take Read more →

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Nice reflection Xuan.  What were some of the things that Takasu said that you thought were interesting?

Group 4 - iLight Proposal 2


Thursday, Sep 21, 2017 - 04:56:25 pm

@ Kaixin

Group 4 iLight concept proposal 2

Inspired by artist Akinori Goto’s dancing light sculpture, we aim to focus on the concept of “regeneration of energy and circle of life”. The sculpture paints a narrative of a life cycle frame by frame. As the sculpture spins, the frames join together to illustrate a story. Each time, there will be one user that Read more →

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Sounds like an interesting idea.  What will you do to create something original that is from your group?  How will you test it to see if it's feasible?

REFLECTION: Future World @ Art Science Museums

Su Hwee Lim

Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017 - 06:55:10 pm

@ Hwee's

In April 2016 I when to Future World exhibition for the first time. After more than a year, the gist of the exhibition still remains! Unlike the usual quite and formal museum exhibition, I really like how Team Lab created their art in a more interactive way to engage both children and adults. In the exhibition it indirectly bring out Read more →

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Nice reflection Su Hwee.  As you develop your project proposal for iLight, think about what you might learn from the user experiences created by TeamLab and how they might help you think about what the audience expectations will be from your proposal.

Group 4: Proposal Update

Viet Nguyen

Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017 - 12:38:03 pm

@ Viet Nguyen

Project Proposal 1, Stress:

Focusing on emotional sustainability, this installation is inspired by brain activity and stress. The installation would be open-air and immersive, allowing users to walk into/through the work. The form would be inspired by the brain and the connection of neurons where lights would represent neurons. By using relaxing sounds and cool colors, the installation will Read more →

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Sounds intriguing Viet. I like the idea of creating an environment that induces emotional well-being and stress management (or visualisation) using light. Can you find some examples that would help explain the concept? Or could you make some quick sketches to illustrate the concept to share with your team mates?