Final Project Evaluation Guidelines

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DR2008 Final Project Evaluation Guidelines

The final project is a moving image presentation and narrative proof of concept for a proposal for iLight 2018.  You or your group will each be giving a presentation of 20 minutes on your project using a combination of media including (but not limited to) images, text, movies and sound (if necessary).  The selection of media used to develop your presentation will be carefully chosen and should also be original images or sequences created by you.  Media chosen are those that best illustrate the proof of concept for your screen-based experience and create an effective narrative presentation of your project’s core ideas and themes.


30% Conceptual Core

Is the project’s conceptual core clearly articulated in the project?

• Is the problem that you’re presenting and the design solution that your project proposes clearly articulated?

• Does the project idea clearly demonstrate how its user experience would create ease of use and value to its intended audience?


20% Research

• Does the project display evidence of substantial research and thoughtful
 engagement with its subject?

• Does the project use a variety of types of sources (i.e., not just websites)?

Does the project proposal demonstrate an understanding of existing projects that are similar to the one that is being proposed?


20% Form &

Are design decisions deliberate and controlled?

• Does the narrative form for the project clearly articulate and reflect the content?


20% Progress and 
Response to feedback

• Has the project shown evidence of substantial, incremental progress?

• Was feedback from instructors sought and were intermediate deadlines met?

Does the final project address input from the professor and/or other suggestions by fellow students in class?


10% Creative

• Does the project approach its subject in creative or innovative ways?

• Does the project use media and design principles introduced in the course effectively?

• Does this project achieve significant goals that could not have been realized
 on paper?

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