Grading + Assessment


Students will be assessed based on the following criteria: critical and interdisciplinary thinking; participation in class and discussion/activities and collaborative sharing/learning; ability to convey project clarity both visually and in writing; thoughtful originality; depth of research; self-driven learning.

40% final project
30% readings, exercises and assignments
30% class participation

Students are expected to produce the following during the course:

  1. A digital journal/sketchbook. Students will be using the OSS (Open Source Studio) online platform to document assignments and the journal/sketchbook throughout the term. The journal can include images, texts, and drawings (hand drawn images or sketches should be scanned and posted).
  2. Responses to assigned readings (minimum one paragraph to be emailed no later than midnight Saturday before the next class). In addition to the responses, each student must also write TWO questions on the writing.
  3. An original proposal and proof of concept for a final project. This final project should be presented in class and will include a short movie (no more than 10 minutes) that explains and visualizes the project’s proof of concept clearly and thoughtfully. Project conceptualization, research, process and development will be turned in as part of the documentation and presented as part of the final.