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Project 3: Arts & Health Brochure - Design Exploration

Fong Hin Wai

Thursday, Nov 23, 2017 - 07:20:15 am

@ Wai Product

Existing Brochure Design

This brochure is interesting in terms of how it was laid out, where the top and bottom of the page gets folded up to form the outside of the brochure. The design stood out to me as there is a strip of the inside of the brochure exposed to the viewer on first sight, as if it is Read more →
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Project 3 Brochure for Arts and Health at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (Task 1: Design Exploration)

Chin Lee

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 - 09:37:22 pm

@ ta0025ee

Shape of the brochure is triangle. It can be opened easily. Viewers can see the information easily. There is two figures in the brochure and look like connected when the brochure is closed. Colour of brochure is nice, it gives a sense of smoothly.

Minimal Design, fold easily. Viewers can understand and get the information easily. There is one die cut Read more →


VC Project 3: Research and Developement

Cheng Hui

Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 - 02:17:50 pm

@ Scarlet Sunday

In the brief we were asked to look up on some brochures:

This is one of the brochures that caught my eye due to the fold and design. Even though the fold here used is extremely simple, it’s relevant and appropriate in imitating the way the BBQ cooker opened up, adding visual interest.

The below brochures I find aesthetic but I include Read more →


Project 2: Arts and Health Promotional Poster (Task 1A: Visual Research)

Chin Lee

Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017 - 11:41:47 pm

@ ta0025ee

Existing Event Promotion Posters

This poster convey a message which is there is a bigger and better H&M store at Orchard building.

Design of this poster expressed the excited and happy of shopping.

From this poster, the first things I see is two models. This poster is symmetrical. There is two models with happy faces at the center of the poster. Secondly, the Read more →


(VC1) Assignment 2: Task 1A Visual Research

Jerome Lau

Monday, Sep 25, 2017 - 07:28:53 am

@ Jeromelaumk


What is the poster communicating? The poster is for a Partying event where there will be live performances. It shows very clearly where and when and how to get the tickets.

What emotion does the design elicit? The design has a very fun feel. A little bit of a Read more →

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VC Project 2: Part 1 (Visual Research)

Cheng Hui

Monday, Sep 25, 2017 - 03:00:52 am

@ Scarlet Sunday

The poster is communicating a Pool Party happening on the 18th of October 2013.

The emotions the poster elicit are joy, whimsicality, and excitement.

The poster is captivating firstly due to the use of colour, a large bright pink patch on dark blue. Next the use of the large ice popsicle image is simple and eye catching. The melted pink Read more →


Project 2: Task 1A Visual Research

Dawin Ho

Monday, Sep 25, 2017 - 02:01:14 am

@ DeWeiNTU

What is the poster communicating? A series of gig posters (José González, Kings Of Convenience, City and Colour), for the 2016 Estudio Estéreo concert cycle. The concerts were performed in 2016 in Santiago, Chile.

What emotions does the design elicit? Quiet yet interesting.

What makes the poster captivating? Muted yet loud.

How did the poster generate visual interest and facilitate readability/legibility?

– There is a strong Read more →

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Project 2: Research and Development I

Benjamin Kuah

Monday, Sep 25, 2017 - 01:44:36 am

@ benjamin kuah

I started off doing some research into vintage ads because I liked the simplistic style and technicolor aesthetics, and hoped to find some inspiration. I found an illustration magazine and among its pages were the following posters.

I liked the muted color palette and the simple, clean forms of the artwork. It was direct and sent a clear message.

Read more →



【 Q ⇕ ₦ ₲ 】

Monday, Sep 25, 2017 - 01:12:35 am

@ The.Qing.Portfolio



Festival de Málaga Published Oct 2011 Client: Festival de Málaga Agency: BARFUTURA

This poster is an event for a film festival and elicit a vibrant community of people. This is one of my all-time favourite posters because the images speak very strongly. Even thought I do not understand the Spanish title, I know that this event welcomes Read more →

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