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(VC1) Project 1 - Task 2: Translating & Exploring!

Jerome Lau

Saturday, Sep 16, 2017 - 05:44:54 am

@ Jeromelaumk

– FINAL! –

Initial sketches (translation)

I did a number of sketches of random ideas and concepts. Some were a bit far fetched, but good for exploration anyway. A lot of the elements surround brushes and paint. All the sketches go accordingly to what the mood board theme Read more →


Task 2: Translating & Exploring Design

Chia Te

Monday, Sep 11, 2017 - 12:54:23 am


From the 3 concepts we have chosen, we were suppose to do at least 30sketches and these are some of the sketches i did:

Concept 1: Engaging

Concept 2: Crafty & Fun

Concept 3:

These are some i really liked:

Thus, i decided to do a slight change to Concept 3 which is to allow patients to feel homely at the Read more →


VC Project 1 (Task 2 and 3: Translating design and colour exploration)

Cheng Hui

Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 - 11:32:03 pm

@ Scarlet Sunday

To translating my mood boards into design sketches, I did three themes of sketches in order of the mood board I posted in “Task 1”.

This was theme 1 exploring the concept of connection, thus human touch, and the paint strokes, signifying reach out through art.

The second theme, kaleidoscope.

And the third, therapy through nature motifs.

Through the first round Read more →


Task 2: Translating and exploring Design

Fong Hin Wai

Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 - 11:00:29 pm

@ Wai Product

Design Aim: Develop a logo design for ‘Art on the move’ programme intended for application on button badges worn by volunteers.

Programme Background: ‘Art on the move’ is an initiative by Ng Teng Fong General Hospital to incorporate Art as a form of therapy and positive distraction for patients. The activities for this program are mostly arts & craft sessions that allow Read more →




Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 - 09:11:28 pm


T  R  A  N  S  L  A  T  I  N  G    &    E  X  P  L  O  R  I  N  G    D  E  S  I  G  N

Moving on from the mood board, we were tasked to produce at least thirty concept sketches. It’s pretty straight forward so there really isn’t much to explain or elaborate so I Read more →


Task 2 Translating and Exploring

Dawin Ho

Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 - 08:56:31 pm

@ DeWeiNTU

Moodboard and Concepts

Sketch Exploration:

Typeface Explorations: The feedback I got back was the placement a little too chunky and could play more on the placement.

Others: Michael suggested I could remove the center line since the letter ‘A’ is pretty obvious.

Refinement: Explored different placement and adjusted the kerning for certain characters.


Task 3: Colour Exploration

Cassandra Lim

Sunday, Sep 10, 2017 - 04:54:08 pm

@ Catastrophe.

After the feedback gathered in class, I made some changes to my pencil design such as making the swoosh downwards instead of up and integrating an element of “community” in the design.

After more feedback from Michael, I decided to add more visual weight in my design and change the text font as well as orientation.

Colour Exploration

I played Read more →


Project 1 Task 2: Translating and exploring Design


Tuesday, Sep 05, 2017 - 10:14:40 pm

@ brendaowyong

In class, we did some sketches. These are some of the sketches done in a class activity:

Visual Ideation:

Visual Metaphor Matrix:

After I brainstormed about what I wanted to portray for my 3 concepts again, I came to a conclusion to focus on:

Spread Love and Care Fun and Happy Sense of protection/homely/safety

So this is the first concept, Spreading love and care:

Read more →


Task 2: Translating and Exploring Design

Benjamin Kuah

Sunday, Sep 03, 2017 - 10:17:41 pm

@ benjamin kuah

The initial research brought me to look at 3 predominant ideas: the adventurer, the spirit animal and the lighthouse.


Although I managed to mould it into a more ambiguous form, it did not feel complete. The feedback I received also included the fact that some of the final versions of the sketches were too complicated.

I realised the potential Read more →