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First, here are the login instructions for Adobe Connect for viewing the Symposium:
Download the Adobe Connect application if prompted
Select “Guest,” type your name, “Enter Room”


Through the prism of the three-day Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium and its third space environment in Adobe Connect (and other social media), the Symposium Hyperessay will be a critique and analysis of Social Broadcasting as articulated through keynotes, live performances, and global roundtable discussions. Based on your online attendance (minimally) of two days, you will discuss in your Hyperessay the various performances and keynotes, focusing on the idea of peer-to-peer interactions that creatively join artists and audiences in live, interactive, networked spaces. The Hyperessay will be minimum 1000 words in length, integrated with media documentation, screenshots and hyperlinks, drawn from the Symposium and its documentation.

You will participate online in two of the three days of the Symposium (March 29-31), where you can view and take part in discussion in order to experience directly how an online symposium activates the telematic third space for presentations, live performance and creative dialogue. All students are required to attend two days for the full duration (three hours) of each day. See Program for scheduling.

Throughout the Symposium it is suggested that you take screenshots to document the events to illustrate your essay. It is also important to draw from concepts, readings, artworks, and discussions we have discussed throughout the semester on relevant and related topics in order to apply them to your Hyperessay. It is always helpful to refer to previous OSS posts to draw from references you have already made. Feel free to reuse material you have already written, so long as it is relevant to the Symposium, and woven into the overall narrative of the Hyperessay.

As you develop your critique, be specific in discussing the content of keynotes, performances, and roundtable discussions. Describe what took place that you found interesting and important to your analysis, and discuss how the keynotes, the artists and their work, and the follow-up roundtable discussions correspond to our study of new media history and theory. Reference specific ideas that came up in Symposium discussions as well as your own prepared questions. If you received a response from your question, mention the exchange in your Hyperessay, although there is no guarantee it will be answered. I am looking for your subjective interpretation to the works and ideas, your participation and contribution to the Symposium, and how you viewed the event as it took place in the online environment.

Here is a summary of what is required in the Symposium Hyperessay:

  • Minimum 1000 words
  • Focus on the Symposium theme: “Social Broadcasting: A Communications Revolution,” the shift from one-to-many to many-to-many forms of live performance and creative dialogue
  • Critique and discuss the specific content of keynotes, performances and roundtable discussions that took place on the two days you attended.
  • Prepare at least one question for each day you attend, and attempt to have the question answered. You will be able to pose your question in the chat during the roundtable discussion.
  • Incorporate images and hyperlinks, including screenshots taken in Adobe Connect to illustrate your ideas
  • Reference relevant concepts, readings, artworks, and discussions we have engaged in this semester
  • Discuss how the Symposium itself, as an online third space environment, constitutes an “alternative social world” for live performance, presentation, and creative dialogue
  • Be sure your writing is clear, grammar and spelling is checked, and the formatting of text and media is carefully done
  • The Symposium Hyperessay should begin with an introduction that states the main topic and the essence of your analysis, as well as a concluding paragraph that convincingly ties together your ideas
  • Be sure all media is used to support your argument, not just as illustration or visual effect. Media should include captions with a description and reference to where it was obtained
  • All photographs and screenshots should clearly illustrate your points and it is advisable to crop them if you need to provide closer detail
  • Be sure and check all your hyperlinks and make sure they open in a new window if referencing another Website
  • Use the category “Hyperessay”

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