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Final Project: Project Social Life


Monday, Apr 30, 2018 - 12:07:38 am

@ hello

For the final project, my group wanted to relinquish our control over our digital identity, and let the ‘world’ decide our day in our life. We managed to do this by allowing our instagram followers to send in suggestions for the project, on where we should head to, or what we should do next.

At first when we came up with Read more →

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Good description. Some comments: You kept referring to reshaping your personal identity, but it was never clear into what? Also, when you compare the trailer to Carla Gannis' work, you should explain how. That was your only reference to the class so it needed to be elaborated. I really enjoyed the project and the interaction with the viewer was excellent!

A Third Space Fallacy

Tan Xiang Rei

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018 - 09:17:30 pm


Project brief:

A Third Space Fallacy is an experimental interaction performance on third and first space that combines the responses collated on the third space through Instagram polls and stories to curate the next move in a friendship conflict between two girls (Bella and Daphne). To make the entire performance as real as possible, both girls had Read more →

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Rei, you are right, social media can be a coercive medium, a threatening space because we begin to lose the separation between that which is real and that which is not. Your piece very nicely explored that territory between reality and fiction and showed how social media can suspend the disbelief of the viewer. This was a major concept that Blast Theory explored, which you were to incorporate into your final post. Also, I didn't see any other references to the class as well, which was part of the assignment. I really liked this project though and it was staged in a compelling way.

Final Project: Project Social Life

Cecilia HyunJae Cho

Monday, Apr 23, 2018 - 11:47:27 pm


       Project Social Life. Project Social Life is an interactive online social performance. In this experiment, we test the power of social media in our lives and the effects of losing control over our lives. Our project revolved around Instagram. Instagram was our source, our outlet, and our dictator. To test this, we created a separate Instagram account and constantly Read more →

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Very astute commentary on the seduction of our interactions in the third space and the loss of control. I thought your project was very effective as a means of gauging that loss of control by asking the viewers to curate and dictate your actions for one day. So from a theoretical standpoint your critique was quite good. However, it would strengthen the critique to give more specific examples of the actions you were told to carry out, and to provide more media and screenshots to illustrate the viewer responses, otherwise we don't know exactly what they dictated. I can see that you had a very positive learning experience about our collective actions in the third space... though I wouldn't say it is the third space that dictates our actions but our lack of awareness of our own third space actions which we often carry about without critical thought. I feel you know have a strong critical ability to observe and be more aware of your third space interactions and how you might be giving up control to others around you. Now it's time to take that control back as an artist!



Monday, Apr 23, 2018 - 11:20:26 pm

@ Bala's OSS

The main gist of the project is as follows:

Have two groups of an interviewer and a model each: Yueling (model) and Bala (interviewer), and Farzana (model) and Felicia (interviewer) The interviewers would go out on the streets and have members of the public curate outfits from the five categories: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and accessories for the model, whom the member Read more →
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Good Bala. I liked your description of the distinction between the real and the virtual, in terms of interviewing people on the street and then allowing them to make selections online. Aside from the video, it would have been helpful to have provided additional screenshots so we can see exactly how this was done. Overall more visual material would have helped clarify the concept and execution of the project. It is interesting that you mention Cut Piece as an influence. It is true that there is the element of the viewer interacting with the clothing of the performer, but perhaps you could have mentioned the opposite nature of this interaction: Cut Piece deconstructing the clothing and challenging Yoko Ono's vulnerability as a woman, whereas Experimental Fashun allowed the viewer to construct the outfit and in many ways reinforced gender stereotypes. Would you agree? I thought the video had great energy and I will provide a separate email with additional comments.
Dear Mr Packer, I hadn't thought about the project in terms of gender, but it's certainly an interesting aspect to consider! I would say I agree, yes. I'll be sure to include more visual material for future project statements. Thank you for the feedback, and for the email (it was so constructive and lovely!)
Thanks Bala and it has been great having you in the class and participating in the Symposium! Good luck with your studies, you have much to offer!

Project Social Life

Nadiah Raman

Monday, Apr 23, 2018 - 11:10:32 pm

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Project Social Life is a performance art piece done to learn what would happen if we gave control to the public to decide how our day would go. I have always thought that it is such an interesting concept ever since I saw Yes Theory’s video attached below.

Similarly, we utilized the social media application, Instagram to carry out our experiment. Read more →

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Nadiah, I found it very interesting and very honest on your part, that you elected not to carry out some of the viewer actions because they would push you outside your comfort zone and spoil the digital image of yourself that you try and maintain. Of course if we look at Yoko Ono's Cut Piece, certainly that pushed her out of her comfort zone but she felt it was critical to the overall concept of the piece. Do you think you comprised your final project by not carrying out the actions? That is for you to decide but I just want you to think about it. It doesn't necessarily diminish the work, but it certainly alters the concept. It means you were not willing to give up complete control to the viewer in your "social life." I am glad that you discussed that, it might have made a powerful conclusion for your essay had you discussed it further. The idea that your generation is perhaps willing to only go so far in giving up control in an effort to establish a digital identity, one that you work hard to create. The screenshot of the comments was very important to your essay, so it would have been helpful had you included more screenshots of the viewer comments that you did in fact carry out. I would like to have known what kind of actions you were willing to perform as compared to the ones you didn't perform. I found this dilemma quite interesting: sometimes its the troubling parts of a project that are the most important and the most fertile for artistic exploration. That is something you should think about.



Monday, Apr 23, 2018 - 10:58:45 pm

@ f e l ❍


A Social Project by: Bala, Farzana, Felicia and Yue ling


General Description, Narrative, Concept:

To break down the whole idea, here are 5 distinct steps as to how the social experiment was carried out:

1) We will be split into pairs to complete a task. Among the pair, there will be an interviewer and a model. The interviewer is required Read more →

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Very good concluding paragraph concerning the participatory nature of the work. However, it you are going to cite works such as Telegarden and Cut Piece, you should explain how your project is similar with more specifics, and not assume that the reader knows these pieces. But of course I understand and it is a good comparison in concept. The screenshots you included are most helpful to illustrate the interaction you had with the viewers. However, there are several screenshots towards the end that require explanation. Whenever you use screenshots, you should refer to them in the text so we know how they support your argument. What is really strong about your essay is the description of the work and the video piece (which I will send more notes in a separate email). There were many details about how you executed the work I didn't know until I read your essay. I think now I better understand how you have "mashed" the demographic influences to create something that is multi-cultural in its result. Is that right? Isn't that indicative of the cultural mélange in Singapore? Perhaps that would have been good to comment on if I am correct. It's very strong piece and I appreciate the work you put into it, including your very detailed description.
Thank you for reading, Randall! & your wholesome feedback which provided us more insights, and yes the mashing up of multi-cultural elements are a major part of our project! You are right to say. :)
thanks Felicia!

Experimental Fashun


Monday, Apr 23, 2018 - 09:11:04 pm

@ Farz

Our project involves the public on the streets and online. Bala and Felicia were the interviewers, while me and Yueling were the models.The interviewers’ jobs were to walk around Bugis, Sim lim square, NAFA and SMU.  The models’ jobs were to pick out 5 outfits/accessories from each category, and list them down as vague descriptors. Below is an example of Read more →

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I am pleased to see so many helpful screenshots that illustrate your very interesting project. Don't you think that the "mash" of clothing styles is indicative of the Singaporean multi-cultural mélange? Perhaps that would have been good to mention. Whereas your description of the work was good, I would have liked to have seen references to the class, the artworks we studied, readings, discussions, etc., that provide more context to your project. It's such a good project and the video was nicely done (I have written email comments separately), but part of this assignment was to look back on the course to support your final post. But as I said the description of the work is very good and I thought the overall concept of Experimental Fashun was excellent.

Third Space Fallacy, A Statement

Daphne Tan

Monday, Apr 23, 2018 - 03:08:53 am


As read in the prelude to our final project, Third Space Fallacy, uses social media to broadcast a certain friendship conflict that two girls have, Daphne (me) and Bella. Of which, polls put up on our Instagram stories will decide the next cause of actions. To disguise this project that we were planning for the final project, we decided Read more →

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Daphne, this is an excellent final essay! So compelling and I though your Instagram stories were powerful in their composition and integration of image and text. Beautifully done. I think the Instagram stories have more impact than the video because they tell the narrative so explicitly, intelligently, and dramatically. Most importantly the story in your post is told from within the social medium of Instagram, adding clarity and drama to the work. This is first class work, congratulations! You have proven that social media is capable of telling powerful, believable stories, and yes, we must be careful what we believe. But most of all you have taken Instagram to new heights of storytelling.

Third Space Fallacy-Trailer


Monday, Apr 23, 2018 - 12:37:37 am

@ Jasmine

For our final project called ‘Third Space Fallacy‘, we decided to set the context as a drama fight scene between two girls from our group, Bella and Daphne. Before we carried out our performance, which is the actual day of the fight at Jurong Point mall, the girls were each posting on their Instagram accounts, building up the tension Read more →

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Jasmine, such a powerful work! The interaction with the viewer on Instagram was very skillfully done to provoke believe, drama, and empathy. And your description of how this was enacted included many interesting and compelling details that added to my understanding of the project. In your comparison to Blast Theory, you might have added more detail and thinking as to how you too explored the various dimensions of the the real and the fictional. It would have made for a stronger conclusion if you have driven that point with a more detailed explanation. I have already given you notes as to the video, but I think had you included more of the Instagram visuals it would have been MUCH stronger. Third Space Fallacy is a very strong work and somehow focusing on the drama between Daphne and Balla didn't achieve the same quality as was found in the amazing Instagram stories that including the viewer response. This is really the core of the project and an excellent one at that.

Third Space Fallacy-Intro


Sunday, Apr 22, 2018 - 11:58:31 pm

@ Jasmine

A Third Space Fallacy is an experimental interaction performance on third and first space that combines the responses collated on the third space through Instagram polls and stories to curate the next move in a friendship conflict between two girls (Bella and Daphne). To make the entire performance as real as possible, both girls had to put up an act Read more →

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