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[EI] Reading 3: Telegarden (1995) by Ken Goldberg


Sunday, Feb 04, 2018 - 12:01:36 am

@ Francesca

The singular activity of a very personal form of individual expression, to a collective activity is highly collaborative: all publishable instantaneously to a global audience.

– Randall Packer, Open Source Studio, IEEE Spectrum, 2015

The Telegarden is an art installation headed by Ken Goldberg, a professor who specialises in industrial engineering and operation research. This project enables web users Read more →

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Excellent! You made some very important observations, particularly your comment about how we seek instant gratification in the online experience, whereas the Telegarden suggests slowing down to the pace of a growing plant. It also suggests how the Internet, despite its virtual nature, can embrace real nature and show us how care and feeding is also important in the online space. Your essay is very well researched and written. Excellent.

Everytime We Touch, I Get This Feeling.

Tan Yue Ling

Saturday, Feb 03, 2018 - 11:41:37 pm

@ MoonlingGraphics

|| This week during class, we all got on Adobe Connect (it was my first time using this software ever), and immersed ourselves into the Third Space together.

We discussed about how the emotional bandwidth (the quality of emotional exchange between two individuals) of texting is significantly different from that of video calling or social broadcasting since we are able to Read more →

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Excellent review of the project and application of such important skills as negotiation and compromise.

Telematic Embrace, Together but Not

Elizabeth Quek

Saturday, Feb 03, 2018 - 06:57:46 pm

@ A blog for Liz

Mirco-Project 3 

The review

During lesson, our class went through what was coined the ‘telematic embrace’.

During the lesson we held a online conference on Adobe Connect. Then we were asked to do a few tasks in front of our web cams. From where we sat, we could all see most of our classmates undergo each task rather differently, resulting in a wall Read more →

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Excellent review of the project and the concept of negotiation. Can you check to see if there is some reason why your images are broken? It's always good to check your post to see if everything is working correctly. It may be because you linked to the Drobpox folder, which is not public. Thanks.

[EI] Micro-Project #3: Telematic Embrace


Saturday, Feb 03, 2018 - 05:11:32 pm

@ Francesca

I am sure that all of us are no stranger to web-conferencing platforms such as Skype and Google Hangouts. Therefore, the experience of seeing one another through a screen in real time is something that we are familiar with.

However, what is out of the norm for me is the fact that I have never been in a video conference with Read more →

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Excellent to see you pointing out why it is so difficult to be in the first and third space simultaneously. This project performance in both spaces is certainly revealing!



Saturday, Feb 03, 2018 - 02:00:33 pm

@ Farz

It was the first time I used Adobe connect and it was so COOOOOOOL!! When I first heard about it, I thought it was probably going to be similar to the same boring old Skype. But nope I was wrong.

I had a lot of fun and it was nice to see the whole class communicating with each other and trying Read more →

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Farz, good review of the project but don't forget to use the featured image and be sure you post your images in a larger size. There is a menu when upload or in the editor to change the size of the image.

Telematic Embrace - Adobe Connect in class


Saturday, Feb 03, 2018 - 02:08:36 am

@ f e l ❍

I spy with my little eye… something bright.

Your smile. AYYYY.

I had my very first Adobe Connect experience in class yesterday. I never knew it could it so much fun to be doing a live webcam with my classmates! HAHA, now I can spy on them without having to fear that I will make Read more →

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Very interesting how you point out that you can look at others while not actually making eye contact. I hadn't thought of that, very astute!!

Micro-Project #3: Telematic Embrace


Friday, Feb 02, 2018 - 04:49:28 pm

@ Jasmine

Telematic embrace, what an appropriate name isn’t it! Although we have been discussing about the concept of a third space for awhile now, I find it very intriguing how the third space can offer a sense of intimacy that we used to think can only be experienced first hand in the real world.

In this micro-project, what we did was to Read more →

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Excellent review of the project and glad to see you make the reference to social broadcasting, which this certainly is! Be sure and make your images full width in the columns. You can enlarge them in the editor or when you upload them with the upload menu.

Telematic Embrace

Nadiah Raman

Friday, Feb 02, 2018 - 12:42:21 am

@ ♡♡♡♡♡

Telematic embrace is honestly my favourite micro-project so far. It was actually the highlight of my day. I feel that it is an interesting way to actually understand better, the concept of a third space which is the integration of the first space (local/remote space) and second space. The whole class was tasked to enter “Adobe Connect” and switch on Read more →

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I agree with you, this project is so fun!! I like how u mentioned that because of the third space you were able to visually see everyone all at once. It was also fascinating that we were in both the first and third space together, but we did the moves on our own in the first space yet there was this sense of connection that we established in the third space itself!
Glad you found the project so much fun, and certainly revealing it terms of the creative possibilities of the third space.

The Third Space, a technological illusion of real life//Telematic Dreaming

Daphne Tan

Thursday, Feb 01, 2018 - 11:59:08 am


The Third Space, a concept common people might find it hard to digest, but in fact, it has become an integral part of our everyday life in the technologically advanced 21st century. But has it messed up our minds? A technological illusion of real life?

The Third Space as defined by Randall Packer in his article on The Third Space is Read more →

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Excellent!! I am fascinated by how you have extended our discussion of the third space into the realm of human consciousness and psychology. Yes, I believe that in the third space, it is another realm of consciousness, which explains why people are less inhibited, willing to move "outside" of themselves to explore new avenues of interaction. I hope that you can share these ideas with the class, because they are important and relevant to our study of experimental interaction. Great work!!

Research critique on Grand Thief Avarta By Second Front

Tan Xiang Rei

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018 - 10:09:59 pm


Second Front is a performance art group based in a online virtual world called Second life. The social construct of Second life is very similar to reality, you create goods and sell them. This performance art is the embodiment of the third space itself. The third space is a virtual space which integrates two different physical spaces.

“The third Read more →

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Interesting comment about how in the third space, anything is possible. The creation characters, actions, and the transformation of reality are indeed all important elements of the third space. One additional thing to know: in the third space you can bring the local and remote together. In Second Life, the characters and the audience are all joined together in real-time in the third space. Also, please be careful about spelling, it's Second Front, not Font.... Very good work.
Hi Rei! I think you made a really good point about how reenacting parodies in real life can never hold a candle to parodies online. I read about how game design literature is specially intended to make players feel "immersed" in the whole experience in 'Internet and Emotions' by Tova Benski, and that people crave this feeling. By having this sort of sandbox game where everything can be customised, people feel like they are able to take some form of ownership of their own personas. With modifications also available in other games like different skins (in Left 4 Dead 2, Minecraft etc.), people can come up with a different personalised setting aside from the default story plot's. The game functions are also so versatile, especially with the point you made about us being more insensitive about death when we play online games because we know that there are no consequences in real life if you shoot someone in-game. If someone made a parody and actually did it in real life, the consequences would undoubtedly be dire...