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Social Broadcasting is amazing: gLobAL SyMp0siUm


Wednesday, Apr 04, 2018 - 02:36:39 pm

@ Farz

“Social Broadcasting: A Communications Revolution,” the shift from one-to-many to many-to-many forms of live performance and creative dialogue. Social Broadcasting: An Unfinished Communications Revolution.

The three day symposium, titled ‘Art Of The Networked Practice’, involves critique and analysis of keynotes, live performances, and global roundtable discussions, all broadcasted live on Adobe Connect. They involve various performers and artists who collaborate together to create Read more →

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Farz, I thought your description of the igaies performance in Chicago was especially revealing. I was impressed with the way you recognized just how malleable identity can be in the way that XXXtraPrincess used SnapChat filters or layers to alter themselves. Additionally, as you pointed out, how they were mediating their real physical selves by layering their virtual identities via their mobile phones. That was very well expressed. I also thought your description of Uncle Roy All Around You by Blast Theory was very well articulated. In particular, in the context of social broadcasting, you pointed out how the virtual and real audiences fed off of one another, actually needed one another, in order to find Uncle Roy. I like to see these kinds of connections made between concepts and their execution. Very well done!

[EI] Symposium Hyperessay


Wednesday, Apr 04, 2018 - 10:07:34 am

@ Francesca


In this hyperessay, I will be highlighting the segments of the symposium that stood out the most to me, namely Annie Abraham’s performance ‘Online Ensemble – Entanglement Training’ and two of Blast Theory’s works, ‘Kidnapped’ and ‘My One Demand’. All the works that will be mentioned have one thing in common – they encompassed the concept of DIWO Read more →

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Francesca, excellent paper and very well written and articulated. I thought your descriptions of Entanglements, Kidnap, and My One Demand were very detailed and revealing. Perhaps to tie these description into the overall theme of social broadcasting would have been helpful, but otherwise I thought you were very thoughtful and attentive to the works, which were not particularly easy to decipher. I am really glad to see you point out the interactive nature of the film in My One Demand, and the role of the audience. It was not unlike how the chat functioned during the Symposium, in which the performers also had access to the unfolding online discussion, whether they reacted or not. I'm sure in the case of Entanglements it did in fact have an impact and could very well have altered the nature of the performance in real-time. A very thoughtful essay.

A Whole New World

Cecilia HyunJae Cho

Monday, Apr 02, 2018 - 10:47:16 pm


Throughout the semester our Experimental Interaction class has dabbled in a concept known as the Third Space through media like Adobe Connect, Facebook, and videos. We have also been introduced to different artists and artworks that have further expanded our knowledge of the affect and use of the Third Space in Blast Theory,  Furtherfield, connecting a boundaries, and creating a Read more →

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Cecelia, you covered the Symposium very well, with many important observations about the work and ideas presented. I thought in particular your description of Annie Abrahams' was well crafted and observant. I liked the way you stepped us through the various sections of the piece. It was, with its protocols, very similar to the workshop that Annie did with us, it might have been helpful to point that out. In regards to Maria X's keynote, perhaps you might have pointed out some of the specific pieces she discussed, although I thought the quote you chose from her talk was quite relevant to your overall critique of the Symposium. In sum, you covered the detail of the Symposium, but perhaps could have addressed some of the larger themes, such as social broadcasting: how do you think the various works tied into our study of social broadcasting, DIWO, and other forms of collaborative social interaction that we have discussing this semester? This might be something to consider in your Symposium Hyperessay.

Angry Women: A Research Critique


Saturday, Mar 24, 2018 - 04:36:34 am

@ Bala's OSS


Angry Women, the brainchild of Dutch artist Annie Abrahams, is a series consisting of five videos. The different videos are called ‘takes’.

In Takes 1 and 2, 12 women (24 in total) express their anger from home, in front of their webcams. Their feeds are combined into a single video projection. With no fixed duration for the performance, it Read more →

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Excellent work Bala!!
Thanks Mr Packer!!! :-)

Travel Easy

Elizabeth Quek

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 - 11:36:29 pm

@ A blog for Liz

Micro-Project 9

So we were asked to make a video for our alter ego. Mine is kind of a wizard of some sort, the detail are ‘hush hush’ so we are not allowed to talk about it. So this video is about my alter ego travelling home every few minutes because it is that easy to do what ever it is Read more →

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Angry Women by Annie Abrahams

Tan Xiang Rei

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 - 04:33:45 pm


Angry women is a five part series done by Annie Abraham exposing how the subject of anger changed the groups dynamics. She was also interested in exploring how the performers managed to maintain their social identity in this experiment.

In a society where authenticity and privacy become endangered it is important to find ways to access our vulnerabilities and doubts, to Read more →

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Good Rei! Yes, Angry Women becomes a vehicle for personal expression through anger. You captured that idea very well. However more details about the work and some image illustrations are helpful as well to support your argument.

Video Selfie


Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 - 04:04:54 pm

@ Bala's OSS


Video Selfie:  Using your iPhone or computer with photo booth (or similar Webcam video software), create a one minute video of yourself that constructs your selfie as an “artistic alter ego:” the artist or designer you want/choose/aspire to be!

To go about doing this, I had to understand what an alter ego was.

“Your alter ego is the Read more →

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Discovering Anger as a State of Mind Through Social Broadcasting with Annie Abraham's Angry Women

Daphne Tan

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 - 03:09:08 pm


Anger as a State of Mind

Anger, an expression, an emotion, a state of mind, the heat the rises from your gut, that irritates and exemplifies when another one adds an irrelevant comment. The frowns, the screams that are associated with the deep emotion is the expression of anger. Perhaps a slow-boiling ball of fire slowly eating you up on the Read more →

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Excellent! Without specifically defining social broadcasting, you expressed it perfectly with the Annie Abrahams quote about solving problems collectively. Social broadcasting is when we can broadcast collectively, from our own unique locations, not just one person broadcasting themselves out to an audience, such as on Facebook Live. As you point out, Annie Abrahams uses social broadcasting in the third space to allow women a platform for venting their anger. I though you did a particularly great job of analyzing female anger and describing how it was focused into this work.

The Real Me

Cecilia HyunJae Cho

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 - 03:07:33 pm


For my video selfie, I chose to record my self taking off my “disguise” and showing my real self. This is because when I was asked to make a video that would capture my “artistic alter-ego”, I thought what kind of artist do I want to be. The answer was simple, an artist who was confident, brave, and strong. But Read more →

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Nadiah Raman

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 - 12:42:56 pm

@ ♡♡♡♡♡

This video plays around the idea of the inner child in me. People use to get excited over chocolates and all things happy, but now, as an adult, they tend to find joy in drinking and such. The joy they experience is reminiscent of the happiness they received over small things, as a child.

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