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Angry Women - Review


Saturday, Mar 17, 2018 - 06:10:47 pm

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Annie Abrahams is a Dutch performance artist/curator who uses different means of communication via the online platform to examine and test out the potential and boundaries of social communication between humans regardless of distance or time zone differences. One of the perks of mass media is that it warrants interconnectivity, uniting people from all over the globe Read more →

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You raise some very interesting points about our online interactions, how through social media we have the potential to break down cultural barriers, perhaps even stereotypes and racial inequalities. But do we do this, or do we tend to confine ourselves to our own friends and groups with commonalities. Angry Women, it is true, is an attempt to break the stereotype, in this case of women, allowing them to freely vent their anger and frustration, something women are taught not to do in the public space. So you raise some good issues, however, I would like to see more detail about the work, as well as references to the readings. But I recognize your effort to grapple with the important issues.

Are We Social?

Nadiah Raman

Saturday, Mar 17, 2018 - 02:38:49 am

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Social broadcasting is the future of traditional medias such as the television and newspaper.

The broadcasting of video, text and pictures directly to an intended audience through social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other channels as opposed to traditional channels such as radio, TV and print.

Above is the exact definition of social broadcasting. Most social media platforms are Read more →

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Nadiah, you might want to take a look at my description of social broadcasting on this week's syllabus page, where the definition is more expanded and specific to multiple participants in the broadcast space. This is why, as you point out, that Angry Women is a good example of social broadcasting, because it takes place in a shared, networked broadcast space, or the third space as we have called it. While you have a very good overall description of Angry Women, it would be helpful to point out some of the detail of the work, the way in which the women are using the medium to vent their anger, and how this is vastly different from the way we normally use social media, in which as we have discussed, is often controlled, filtered, and highly managed.

MY Desktop MY Life

Cecilia HyunJae Cho

Friday, Mar 16, 2018 - 11:39:03 am


The screenshot shown above is an unfiltered, genuine depiction of my desktop at the present moment. As you can see the files have yet to be organized and usually end up organized either at the end of every month or the end of the semester. This desktop is the evidence of post-cleaning. I generally like to keep my files out Read more →

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Desktop ScreenBANG

EC Chee

Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 08:52:18 pm

@ 遠き世に

I put my sidebar on the right for 1. aesthetic, 2. easy access (if I use touchscreen), and 3. because I prefer to compromise width than height for my window sizes (which would happen with the default sidebar on bottom).

Firefox for the Internet, because I love being able to have a lot of control over my privacy settings File Explorer for Read more →
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Bella NO.2

Bella Dai

Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 06:36:17 pm

@ belladaiyunlang

This is not my main laptop, so the desktop is less messy. Ever since I have a digital identity. I always show the different side of myself. Just like the difference between my main laptop desktop and this. I use my main laptop mostly for my design work. There are my old design files, a lot of software, current school Read more →

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My Desktop Shot

Daphne Ngatimin

Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 06:35:28 pm

@ Daphne Ngatimin

I like my desktop clean, organised and categorised as it helps me find my things in a simpler way – with folders and icons. I also like having different desktop backgrounds that resonates or inspire me as I use my laptop. Such as “No Bad Vibes.”I have 5 desktop screens where I can do different work and things on different Read more →

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I am my desktop


Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 06:34:52 pm

@ hello

This is my desktop. I am my desktop. Disorganised, multi-tasking all the time. I always have my telegram chats up on the side, ready to reply any chats from my friends. I guess that would be the more intimate social interaction that I have, not so much of Facebook and Instagram. I then have my Spotify, playing my worship songs Read more →

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[EI] Micro-Project #8: I Am My Desktop


Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 06:33:58 pm

@ Francesca

This is my desktop as it is, no staging whatsoever. I do my best to keep my desktop neat, but due to the amount of work that I have to get done every day, I usually only organise all my files at the end of each semester. My laptop wallpaper has remained the same for as long as I Read more →

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I Am My Desktop

Nadiah Raman

Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 06:33:15 pm

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Usually, I get lazy to create new folders to save whatever I am doing into thus, they would all land in the desktop as you can see in the image above. Different Photoshop files and Word documents all over the place. However, I keep it an organized mess. I hate seeing the different files all over the desktop. As Read more →

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i aM My desktoP: tHIs whAT i cAll OrGanizeD meSs

Daphne Tan

Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 06:32:50 pm


This is a screenshot of my desktop – observe the mess (and the multiple screenshots)

In my defence, I have everything I need on my desktop itself, notes, reminders (on the memo pads) and screenshots I need for my OSS posts for other modules. Everything is readily accessible and I do not have to go back and forth my finder Read more →

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