Micro Project #1: Experiment in Social Broadcasting

By: Randall Packer |

#NeWWWorlDisorder – Facebook Live social broadcasting performance – July 29, 2017

The Facebook Live Video Wall

Our first micro-project explores social broadcasting as the organization of distributed media flows, spaces, locations, images, and sound aggregated in the immediacy and simultaneity of the broadcast.

As an in-class assignment, each student will broadcast via Facebook LIve to the OSS Facebook Group Page and their feeds will be aggregated in real-time on The Facebook Live Video Wall. We will be constructing a simultaneous collage or grid of live video broadcasts that can be viewed and documented into a single interface.

Each student will choose a location in ADM, to be captured over a precisely 15 minute duration. The 15 minute broadcasts will begin in the classroom, then diverge to the various locations, then converge once again back in the classroom. If you happen to see another student during the 15 minute duration, you can capture them as well, in order to incorporate what we will refer to as “cross-streams,” in which two or more artist-broadcasters are interacting with one another.

Steps for performing the project:

  • Request to join the OSSNTU Facebook Group Page
  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone
  • Go to the Facebook group page and make it a shortcut for future use
  • Be sure you are on an NTU wireless network, although cellular is fine, it just uses data
  • Make the OSSNTU Facebook Group Page a “shortcut” and go to the page.
  • Make sure your phone is in horizontal mode
  • Click on the “Live” button under the status update
  • Check to be sure your broadcast is Public (default)
  • Add a description
  • Use effects if you like
  • Press the red camera button to go live
  • Your URL will automatically appear on the online video wall which is located on the Third Space Network Website. The page will be projected in the classroom, although you won’t be able to see it on your phone
  • Go to a location in ADM and capture whatever is taking place, feel free to talk to anyone along the way and incorporate them into the broadcast
  • After 15 minutes, return to the classroom and click on “Finish” and then “Post” to archive the video
  • After completing the performance we will review the feeds and their aggregation

OSS Facebook Group Page aggregation

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