Micro-Project #3: Telematic Embrace

By: Randall Packer |

How do we collapse boundaries in the third space?  In our study of the third space we are investigating this idea through the telematic embrace: connecting with each other by dissolving distances in location. We will conduct a series of gestures that bridge ourselves across the third space. Our live interaction will be a living, changing, dynamic, third space composite.

Here are instructions for this in-class micro-project:

  • First we will practice using Adobe Connect by introducing the Webconferencing platform, going through the login procedure and making sure that everyone can use their microphones and Webcams.
  • Login to Adobe Connect as a Guest with your laptop, and include your name when prompted
  • Everyone will leave the classroom with their laptop and find a location in ADM where you are NOT within proximity of any other students in the class.
  • Again, login to Adobe Connect as a Guest with your laptop, and include your name when prompted
  • Turn on your camera (we may or may not use our microphones so as to eliminate any noise).
  • Follow directions as we go through a series of interactions
    • Virtual “touch”
    • Replacing ourselves with everyday objects (pen, phone, notebook, etc.) in varying proximity to the camera
    • Facial closeness to the Webcam
    • Hands over Webcam to create textures
    • Finger signs (holding up fingers in different configurations)
    • Elongated gestures across rows and down columns
    • Expression collage (making various expressive faces)
  • Take a few screenshots during the exercise to use for your post

The goal of the project is to show how there is interaction and contact and connection and playfulness in the third space. A despite separation, there is still a sensation of intimacy and closeness.

Everyone will then write a short post, including a screenshot of the composite, discussing their experience of the micro-project, and discussing what we have learned so far about the third space. This is due next week.

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