Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium


Week 10: March 29 – April 4

There will be no class this week, instead students will participate in the three-day symposium via Adobe Connect, which has the theme: “Social Broadcasting: An Unfinished Communications Revolution.” Students will be responsible for writing a research critique based on the two keynotes and two live performances, as well as participation in the global roundtable discussions by asking questions. See Website for additional information:


Due in one week: April 5 (see last week’s syllabus page for assignment details)


Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium

There is no regular class this week. Instead, each student is required to attend two days of the three-day Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium, which takes place each evening on March 29, 30, 31, uniting Singapore and Chicago/US. Students will attend online via Adobe Connect Webconferencing. This is an opportunity to experience and participate in an international symposium event that will involve artists and scholars from around the world in the creation of new Internet performance works, keynote lectures, and global roundtable discussions. Each student will prepare questions for participation. See the Symposium Website for additional details, including scheduling and program.

Schedule @ a Glance:

Day 1: March 29 – ADM (8pm-11pm)
Keynote by Maria Chatzichristodoulou
Internet Performance by Annie Abrahams and collaborators

Day 2: March 30 – LASALLE College of the Arts (8pm-11pm)
Keynote by Matt Adams, co-founder of Blast Theory

Day 3: March 31 – School of the Art Institute of Chicago (11pm-2am)
Internet Performance by Jon Cates and collaborators

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