Interdisciplinary Forms – Interview with Chip Lord


Week 6: February 22 – 28

THERE WILL BE NO CLASS this week as I will be attending the College Art Association Conference (CAA) in Los Angeles. However, as an introduction to our study of the Ant Farm media collective, the class will view my Adobe Connect online interview with Chip Lord at CAA, either live (February 24 at 1:00am SGT) or from the recording (to be posted). Students will look at the work of Ant Farm, co-founded by Chip Lord and Doug Michaels in San Francisco in 1968. From our studies of the collective artwork and forms of collaboration, we will look in depth at how Ant Farm pioneered the interdisciplinary fusion of media art, performance, spectacle, and sculpture in such iconic works as Media Burn, Cadillac Ranch, and the Eternal Frame.


Due next week: March 1


Interview with Chip Lord

Chip Lord live from the NMC Media Lounge at the College Art Association conference, Please view the recording following the event on Saturday, February 24.


Research Critique

Each student will be assigned a work to research and critique by the Media Collective Ant Farm

from the following list:

Write a 300 word essay about your assigned work, the artist(s). Incorporate the reading (see above), as well as the interview with Chip Lord, as relevant, into your research post, using at least one quote from the reading to support your own research and analysis.

The goal of the research critique is to conduct independent research by reviewing the online documentation of the work, visiting the artist’s Website, and googling any other relevant information about the artist and their work. You will give a presentation of your research in class.


Here are instructions for the research critique:

  • Create a new post on your blog incorporating relevant hyperlinks, images, video, etc
  • Be sure to reference and quote from the reading to provide context for your critique
  • Apply the “Research” category
  • Apply appropriate tags
  • Add a featured image
  • Post a comment on at least one other research post prior to the following class
  • Be sure your post is formatted correctly, is readable, and that all media and quotes are DISCUSSED in the essay, not just used as introductory material.