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Key Work: Superposition by Ryoji Ikeda

Ho Si Hui

Thursday, Sep 06, 2018 - 07:21:05 pm

@ runaway salmon

about the work

superposition” is a synergetic 65-minute performance between human and machine, about “the way we understand the reality of nature on an atomic scale.”  1

Inspired by the “mathematical notions of quantum mechanics” 1 , patterns of data are projected onto multiple screens – 10 small digital screens at the front, 10 slightly larger ones behind them, and a large split-screen Read more →


Kinetic Beasts PDF

Jia Ying

Friday, Apr 27, 2018 - 12:22:46 am

@ Jiaying



Process: Pandora's Ice Tray

Ho Si Hui

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 - 07:27:24 pm

@ runaway salmon


Step 1: Make a base with a hard surface and wrap it with non-stick baking paper.

Step 2: Stick the receptacle firmly onto the baking paper e.g. with silicone glue

Step 3: Fence the receptacle with a hard waterproof surface e.g. mounting board

Step 4: Brush the receptacle with lubricant e.g. baby oil

Step 5: Prepare the silicon mixture. Approximately half white to half Read more →

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Project 03: Kinetic Beasts

Ho Si Hui

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 - 06:56:11 pm

@ runaway salmon


FV - Kinetic Beasts: Final

Naomi Wee

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 - 06:46:58 pm

@ NaOMi

Done by Jia Yi and Naomi

Kinetic Beasts // Plover Bird

Minjee Cheon

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 - 06:45:14 pm

@ Minjee

Prototype 1

This model was built based on the dipping motion of the plover bird. Whenever it picks up food from the ground or from between the crocodile’s teeth, the bird makes this tilting movement back and forth.

I reinterpreted this movement as an oscillation in this abstract model. The model would move back and forth like roly-poly toy.

The model consists of Read more →


Eyes of the Kinetic Beast - Part 2 (Final)

Joel Lee

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 - 06:42:15 pm

@ Joel Lee

Alas! We’ve reached the final installation for our Kinetic Beast!

After the final consultation with Cheryl, we decided to scale up our installation to create more space in the enclosure to include the other elements into our composition.

We also identified which were the unnecessary elements which we could shed in order to make the Read more →


Pandora Revisited Final PDF

Minjee Cheon

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 - 06:25:02 pm

@ Minjee

**To see the PDF version click here

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Time to Catch Em' All: AntPhid


Thursday, Apr 26, 2018 - 06:24:55 pm

@ dion

Individual Process Development Posts:

Dion’s Ant | Nok Wan’s Aphid

Videos for reference:

Final PDF Layout:

Click here to view in HD