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Project 02: Kokopelli's Sound Shaper

Ho Si Hui

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 - 08:21:01 pm

@ runaway salmon

About the project

To create wearable art that produce sound as the model moves in it. Group members: Zhen Qi + Si Hui

final outcome


We were assigned the body parts, hip and mouth, but we decided to focus our design on the hip. The final skirt piece is inspired by the sound of walking over pebbles and the sound of white noise Read more →


[F&V] Kokopelli: Pleasant and Unpleasant Sound Fabrics


Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 - 08:12:07 pm

@ Francesca

Ying Hui and I are working together for this Kokopelli’s Sound Shaper project,. Our first task is to select a pleasant and unpleasant sound, then construct a sound fabric from each of them. After deciding on the sounds, Ying Hui and I proceeded to ideate individually first before combining both our visions together in the final sound fabric.

Pleasant Read more →


[F&V] Kokopelli: Face the Research


Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018 - 10:13:04 pm

@ Francesca

Significance of the Face

The lucky body part that I managed to draw from the Pandora’s Box is… the face! The face is a unique and complicated part of the body. It is not merely another part of the body, but it plays huge roles in shaping us into the person we are and also how we communicate with Read more →

HaHa, Great facial research going on there! :) Looking forward to see how your "Sound Fabric" (which I assume you're still working on) can adapt to some of these movements.. instead of working on the entire face all at once, you might want to focus on the upper portion (forehead) or middle portion (cheek) or lower portion (jaw)

// Summon e Babies //

Zhen Qi

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018 - 12:29:05 pm

@ zhenqi


Possible Hips Movement 

Flexion: forward and upward movement of the femur at the hip occurs in the sagittal plane about an medial-lateral axis. Extension: upward movement toward the rear of the body of the femur at the hip occurring in the sagittal plane. Abduction: movement of the femur on the hip in a Read more →
See it you can find more diagrammatic examples of hip motion, text alone does not quite give a visual image. Perhaps the arrangement of your "sound fabric" could be more radial or circular since hip motion is rounded and circular? Is it a coincidence that your sound fabric ressembles your plaster/ ice-modules? ;)

Typo: 'See IF you can find more diagrammatic examples..'

Okie dokie noted! I will try to tweak the model!!! HEHE i guess XD

Pandora Revisted - Final


Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018 - 04:34:51 am


With reference to the previous post, this ice cube design was inspired by an igloo, in which I will be using it to create my ice tray. (see the relations : ice, igloo, ice tray!! heuheuhe)

In order to create the ice tray, multiple steps were required.

1. Create the mould design using clay

To create this ice cube, we were Read more →

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Looks like your ice-making turned out really well! Are you able to take a more close up shot as well to capture the faceted surfaces of the 3-module configuration? Am curious to see how well the silicon mold has captured this detail. You need to indicate on your plan, where you've done your sectional cut. Also, I think doing an isometric drawing for four sets of 3-module configuration (exactly as you've shown with your ice) would show your modular arrangement better. Do add some shading in the isometric drawing so we have a better sense of depth and receding surfaces when looking at it instead of just line drawing.
oops! Charissa please ignore my comments in your earlier post! Forgot that you updated your drawings. Do complete your Final PDF layout for this assignment though and make the necessary amendments to your Sectional drawings as suggested here. Thanks.

A fertility deity (updated)


Sunday, Feb 18, 2018 - 03:09:42 pm

@ castrochronicles

Content 1. Frog hearing versus human hearing 2. Chosen human body part and its movements 3. Two sound and sound fabric analysis 4. Kokopelli's "first fabric" incorporated with human movement and sound 5. Sound lexicon

Researching on how frogs and humans hear, I realised that there is a great deal of similarities on how both auditory system function. Represented by Read more →

Is what's created above pairwork? I'm not quite sure I can relate the brown paper to the lift sound. See if you are able to draw out the cuts and folds you've created on the paper in Plan (like in origami diagrams) also do more research on Range of Motion (RoM) for "eye anatomy" and the other body part you were given. Thanks! Btw, Haha great storyline, if you saw a link with MA's city, it was unintentional... but yes, why not? good opportunity for Koko to make a guest appearance.:)

Pandora Revisited: Process/Drawings


Monday, Feb 12, 2018 - 02:12:34 am

@ dion

Revisiting the Pandora’s Box, the three keywords that I received to put together in a module were: Pack, Extrude and Skew. In this post you will find the process of the making of the final ice tray using repeated moulds of the same module.


Module 1:

Isometric view:

In this module, all three keywords were explored within one singular module.

Module 2:

Isometric view:

Here, Read more →

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Great work with the Isometric drawings Dion! :) I think it would enhance the visualization even more if you had included some extrusion hash lines to show how the individual modules slot one into the other. Do include a set of Plans, Sections and Elevations as well for your final ice-tray and draw these to scale. I think the roughly-textured plaster modules (did you show me these?) cast from your latex mold could have been used to cast the silicon mold too, as the "rough texture" makes an interesting finish as well. Looking forward to seeing your ice! :)

Hi Cheryl, thanks for the feedback! I will update my drawings accordingly. I actually did show you the plaster mould during class as well, I was just worried that the texture might have been considered bad craftsmanship of some sort haha. 

I forgot to collect my silicon mould before coming home for the new year so I’ll try to get the ice up as soon as possible. :( 

Happy CNY!!

Hi Cheryl, I'm not sure if you've seen my updated post so just tagging you here in case :)

Yes Dion... I’ve finally seen your updated ice-modules... Yay turned out great! Excellent job with the isometric drawings & the various configurations for packing the ice modules! :) Btw, Have you already done the final PDF layout including the 3 Operative Verbs and showcasing the Final ice module?
Thank you Cheryl! No I haven't been able to put together the final PDF layout, but I'm planning to do it soon as well as update my pair's Kokopelli PDF as we have more technical drawings to include!

Pandora Revisited

Ying Hui

Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 - 11:59:04 pm

@ Ying Hui

Stack     Offset     Split

Prototype 1:

Prototype 2:

Prototype 3 (Final):

Silicon Cast:

The silicon cast did not come out to well in my opinion. My clay modules had a convex surface thus the silicon leaked under. I did try to cover it up with the hot glue gun but it did not work. But that was an easy fix. Read more →

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A lot of hard work put in there Yinghui! :) Great job with the drawings too. However, the rather sporadic layout makes it rather difficult to appreciate all the effort put in... perhaps you could relook at this for your next post? Think D, SD and SO when composing your page so that the focus is on the right elements. AT the moment it feels like a bunch of 'scattered SOs' in space. DO also try to resolve the issue with the ice-removal from the silicon mold and perhaps have another go at the ice-making? Thanks.

FV - Pandora Revisited: Technical Drawings

Naomi Wee

Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 - 11:55:54 pm

@ NaOMi


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Ok, I am finally able to view your post. Great job with the Orthogonal drawings, especially the sections!:) Can you add in the x-y-z axes in your Isometric drawing and check that you have aligned the plan 30-120-30 degrees to the picture plane? The angles do not look quite right from what is shown here. Please include process documentation of your earlier modules as well as technical drawings and the ice-making process for your 'foam module' & update me on the silicon mold of your 'hexagonal module'. Thanks.
Naomi, Great job with the Isometric drawings for your backup Foam Module! Do compile a Final PDF Layout for this assignment showing the final 4-6 ice-module configuration, 3 Operative Verbs, full set of Technical drawings (Plans, Sections, Elevations & Isometric drawings)...and remember to include your ice-making images! Thanks!

Project 001 : Pandora Revisited

Jingyi Chen

Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 - 11:07:43 pm

@ hantallie

Started the sem off by revisiting sem one project, “Pandora”. Although it’s called “Pandora Revisited”, I feel like it is more like the MA as we need to create modules. The chosen words are twist, bend, interlock.

Twist: form into a bent, curling, or distorted shape. Bend: shape or force (something straight) into a curve or angle. Interlock: (of two or more things) engage with each Read more →

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Clear and Meticulous process documentation as well as Fantastic job with the ice-making Jingyi! Wow 16 modules! :) Very clever use of the Isometric graph paper too! Do tell the class where you sourced it! It helps ALOT when doing the isometric drawings does it not? Do try to think about line-weight though when doing your drawings ( thicker/ bolder lines for what appears nearer ) so that we can get a better sense of depth when looking at the isometric drawings for your final ice-tray. Thanks. :)