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pandora's box: revisited


Friday, Feb 02, 2018 - 01:09:14 am

@ hello

!!!THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS CHERYL IM NOT DONE WITH MY CHOCOLATE MILK ICE TRAY I WILL CONTINUE UPDATING!!! (and sorry i forgot to tag i uploaded v long already:'( )

So when the brief came in, I immediately knew: modular structure=tessalation=difficult. I got the words: SPLIT, EMBED, REFLECT.

to me, the word ‘split’ was Read more →

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Yes Jocelyn! Yay for the little ice-monsters! Am not sure how milk monsters will turn out but you might want to ask Brendan for some advice on Choco-ice monsters since he claims they can last longer for photographic purposes... or ask Joel for advice on how he built his 'photographic studio' in his fridge... Did you document your other initial sketch modules? Do include a set of Orthogonal (Plan, Sections, Elevations) and Isometric drawing of the arrangement of 4-6 monster modules. Choose an angle where you can show how the ICE-monsters slot one into the other.You might show this in an Exploded Isometric drawing with extrusion hash lines. Also, update your milk/ choco monster-making process if any, before next Fri's class. Thanks.
Good attempts at the technical (isometric) drawings Jocelyn! :) The wireframe isometric drawing makes it confusing to the eye especially for the 4-module arrangement. Better to draw the 4-module configuration as solid objects with shading to give a better understanding of perspective and depth. Overall comment, the chosen "line thickness" for your technical drawings could be reduced.

[F&V] Pandora Revisited: 3 Modules


Thursday, Feb 01, 2018 - 09:00:18 am

@ Francesca

It’s the Pandora’s Box once again! This time, we are required to develop modules using key words. The lucky key words that I got this time are Fracture, Reflect and Array.

Fracture: A chip off the block Reflect: Symmetrical Array: An arc is form when the modules are placed together

We will also be making these modules out of clay and it’s the first Read more →

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Thumbs up for being the first to post on OSS! :) On hindsight, I think you could have been bolder with expressing "fracture". Modules 3a & 3b demonstrates this better than Modules 1 &2. But good job with your plaster casting! Your modules were really immaculate with 'bone-like' quality :)
Great job with the orthogonal drawings! Do attempt an isometric view for the "final ice-tray".