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[F&V] Pandora Revisited: 3 Modules


Thursday, Feb 01, 2018 - 09:00:18 am

@ Francesca

It’s the Pandora’s Box once again! This time, we are required to develop modules using key words. The lucky key words that I got this time are Fracture, Reflect and Array.

Fracture: A chip off the block Reflect: Symmetrical Array: An arc is form when the modules are placed together

We will also be making these modules out of clay and it’s the first Read more →

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Thumbs up for being the first to post on OSS! :) On hindsight, I think you could have been bolder with expressing "fracture". Modules 3a & 3b demonstrates this better than Modules 1 &2. But good job with your plaster casting! Your modules were really immaculate with 'bone-like' quality :)
Great job with the orthogonal drawings! Do attempt an isometric view for the "final ice-tray".