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[Pandora Revisited] Technical Drawings and Mould Casting!


Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 - 12:22:43 am

@ n i k i

Hey guys!! Here’s the first post for Form and Visualisation in Sem 1.2!!!

For this project, we focus on rectilinear forms while trying to align them with three keywords. As I am literally starving for time because of hall stuff I’m just gonna dive in without the usual drivel that I usually post ahahahahaha :’)

theme words
Fracture Shift Array


module 2
mODULE Read more →
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Niki, firstly, apologies for 'killing' your hands during live demo of press-on silicon mold-making process, fault of too much baby oil (TT;) Secondly, Module 3 was the original module that caught my eye because it is unique, so would have preferred if you had done drawings for that instead of Module 1 but... Moving forward, good attempt with your technical drawings, however I think use of line-weight would help to better differentiate between your elevation and sections. Love the multiple configurations you have created from your modules :), please CHOOSE ONE arrangement and do a set of ORTHOGONAL (PLAN, SECTION and ELEVATION) as well as ISOMETRIC drawings for you ideal ice-tray... (NB: Draw the arrangement of 4-6 ICE-modules not the silicon mold in ISOMETRIC view) Also update the ice-making process before next Fri's class. Thanks.
Niki, On closer look, do check that the angles/ orientation of your Isometric drawing is correct. Also, have you uploaded images of your ice-making already? In addition, Do compile a Final PDF Layout for this assignment showing the final 4-6 ice-module configuration, 3 Operative Verbs, full set of Technical drawings (Plans, Sections, Elevations & Isometric drawings)...


Lung Nok Wan

Saturday, Feb 10, 2018 - 05:49:56 pm






SUBTRACT + PACK: Triangular piece protruding could be slotted into the hole of the next module, forming a pack

TAPERED: Triangular made to be t


SUBTRACT + PACK: A pack could be formed when the triangle piece at one Read more →

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Nok Wan, I know you've shown me your drawings in class but please upload your drawings again with better resolution as they are impossible to review here; as this semester is about Form and Visualization and there is equal emphasis on model-making and technical drawings, so my advice would be to leave 'solid' and legible record of technical drawings on OSS. I suggest you do another isometric drawing showing the arrangement of 4-6 modules for your ideal ice-tray and how they slot into one another, just as what you've drawn, but with more modules. Make your technical drawings bigger, sharper and have more 'presence', think D, SD, SO with emphasis on the important elements in your OSS layout. Your current layout makes your annotation (D) and your sketch models and drawings (SO), a bit reversed, no? Thanks.

Hi cheryl, updated with larger pictures with new drawings and with the final ice cubes!

Hurray! Nok Wan your Sharkie ice modules are looking great! Thanks for revising the drawings too... don’t forget to do up a final PDF layout including the 3 operative verbs used & showcasing the final ice Mr Sharkie.
Nok Wan, Do compile a Final PDF Layout for this assignment showing the final 4-6 ice-module configuration, 3 Operative Verbs, full set of Technical drawings (Plans, Sections, Elevations & Isometric drawings)...

Pandora's Box Revisited

Joel Lee

Friday, Feb 09, 2018 - 11:59:26 pm

@ Joel Lee

We begin the semester right from where we left off – Seeing Pandora’s Box

For this assignment, we were tasked to create 3 objects adhering to words which were picked out from Pandora’s Box.

The objective of this assignment was to familiarize ourselves with the concept of making molds by exploring different types of casting techniques. We were also introduced to isometric Read more →

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Thank you Joel for the clear and meticulous process documentation!:) I'm so sorry Jester Hat module didn't work out... but Hurray! with the ice-making of Ancient Relic! Please share your expertise with casting ice using 2 Half-silicon molds! I think adding some extrusion dash lines in your Isometric drawing could better demonstrate how your modules can be packed/slotted one into the other. Actually, you can probably better show this packing/ slotting idea of the 'double-module-combi' in Plan, Sections and Elevations as this is hidden in your chosen Isometric view... (hint) **NB: PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SERVING your ICE to anyone... the silicon we used for casting is NOT FOOD SAFE!!!** \(-0-;)/

A chocolate fossil (updated)


Friday, Feb 09, 2018 - 01:49:32 am

@ castrochronicles

As we revisited the narrative of Pandora’s box, we combined the usage of modules from the last assignment with our new found knowledge of various design themes. The new Pandora’s box becomes an ice tray that encases our carefully designed modules, creating our individual ice moulds.

By the blessings of Pandora, I was given Read more →

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Brendan, as always, thank you for showing your 'Master Chef' skills once again!:) To be honest, I think the half-CHOCO, half-ICE module looks the most fascinating... how did you make that? Did you dip your ICE module in chocolate? Am curious to see how your silicon mold turned out, do show it to me. On hind sight, I think if you had kept one side of the vertebrae profile flat and had the other side convex, it would have been easier to remove from the silicon mold and you could have cast your choco-ice in the original intended layout... but that would have compromised the 'realist' touch of the final choco-ice fossil.. for thought :) Do attempt an Isometric drawing of a string of choco-ice modules maybe 3 sets? Align the curvature of the modules to the 30-30 degree x and y-axes lines. Thanks.
Thanks Cheryl! Yes, the half-choco, half-ice did have certain uniqueness to it haha. It was actually an attempt of freezing half ice and half chocolate (45mins ice, 45 mins chocolate), in attempts of showing two visual qualities within one module. Alright will do, I will update my oss with the drawings. Have a great weekend!
Thanx Brendan for the cool updated dino fOssil image!;)

// 冰花 //

Zhen Qi

Thursday, Feb 08, 2018 - 08:40:56 pm

@ zhenqi


For this assignment, these are the 3 definitions which I defined for the 3 words given to me:

Reflect | The idea of symmetry within the design itself.

Embed | Something being fixed among a surrounding mass.

Split | Force apart or going in a separate direction which occurs when something is Read more →

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Thanks for the clear and meticulous process documentation and the detailed Orthogonal drawings ZhenQi :) Please remind me to take a look at your Isometric drawings again with you (Brave attempts at it! ;)... I think you need to orientate and align the outer edges of your module along the 30-30 degree x and y axes lines...admittedly, quite tricky since your form is rather organic. Is the top-view of your ice-tray that you've drawn a 30-60 degree Paraline drawing? Technical drawings aside, Yay! for the successful ice-making! Fantastic that you managed to capture the details of the 'radial fins'!!:)
HEHE YAY!  Yes pls i was still abit confused with the isometric drawing for my module esp since some of the fins werent perfect as well! And yep it was kinda a attempt at trying to obtain the 30-60 paraline drawing but not sure how accurate it was! :')
Oops! Sorry Zhen Qi I missed seeing this earlier... do include the 3 operative verbs that went into creating the final ice module somewhere in the layout... thanks!

pandora's box: revisited


Friday, Feb 02, 2018 - 01:09:14 am

@ hello

!!!THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS CHERYL IM NOT DONE WITH MY CHOCOLATE MILK ICE TRAY I WILL CONTINUE UPDATING!!! (and sorry i forgot to tag i uploaded v long already:'( )

So when the brief came in, I immediately knew: modular structure=tessalation=difficult. I got the words: SPLIT, EMBED, REFLECT.

to me, the word ‘split’ was Read more →

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Yes Jocelyn! Yay for the little ice-monsters! Am not sure how milk monsters will turn out but you might want to ask Brendan for some advice on Choco-ice monsters since he claims they can last longer for photographic purposes... or ask Joel for advice on how he built his 'photographic studio' in his fridge... Did you document your other initial sketch modules? Do include a set of Orthogonal (Plan, Sections, Elevations) and Isometric drawing of the arrangement of 4-6 monster modules. Choose an angle where you can show how the ICE-monsters slot one into the other.You might show this in an Exploded Isometric drawing with extrusion hash lines. Also, update your milk/ choco monster-making process if any, before next Fri's class. Thanks.
Good attempts at the technical (isometric) drawings Jocelyn! :) The wireframe isometric drawing makes it confusing to the eye especially for the 4-module arrangement. Better to draw the 4-module configuration as solid objects with shading to give a better understanding of perspective and depth. Overall comment, the chosen "line thickness" for your technical drawings could be reduced.

[F&V] Pandora Revisited: 3 Modules


Thursday, Feb 01, 2018 - 09:00:18 am

@ Francesca

It’s the Pandora’s Box once again! This time, we are required to develop modules using key words. The lucky key words that I got this time are Fracture, Reflect and Array.

Fracture: A chip off the block Reflect: Symmetrical Array: An arc is form when the modules are placed together

We will also be making these modules out of clay and it’s the first Read more →

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Thumbs up for being the first to post on OSS! :) On hindsight, I think you could have been bolder with expressing "fracture". Modules 3a & 3b demonstrates this better than Modules 1 &2. But good job with your plaster casting! Your modules were really immaculate with 'bone-like' quality :)
Great job with the orthogonal drawings! Do attempt an isometric view for the "final ice-tray".