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A fertility deity (updated)


Sunday, Feb 18, 2018 - 03:09:42 pm

@ castrochronicles

Content 1. Frog hearing versus human hearing 2. Chosen human body part and its movements 3. Two sound and sound fabric analysis 4. Kokopelli's "first fabric" incorporated with human movement and sound 5. Sound lexicon

Researching on how frogs and humans hear, I realised that there is a great deal of similarities on how both auditory system function. Represented by Read more →

Is what's created above pairwork? I'm not quite sure I can relate the brown paper to the lift sound. See if you are able to draw out the cuts and folds you've created on the paper in Plan (like in origami diagrams) also do more research on Range of Motion (RoM) for "eye anatomy" and the other body part you were given. Thanks! Btw, Haha great storyline, if you saw a link with MA's city, it was unintentional... but yes, why not? good opportunity for Koko to make a guest appearance.:)