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wk5: Sound & spaces


Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018 - 10:08:54 pm

@ Yay cake.

Gleanings from previous critique session

Questions to ask:

Who is the actor? tired people of NTU that needs to getaway, take a break What is the experience? -Peaceful -Place of rest and getaway -A place to linger -A place where you can close your eyes to experience or to stare into blank space -Comfortable -Cool and comforting How does the context and contents influence the behaviours? -Form>Organic >Soft (Like foam or cloth) -Material used -Color Read more →
well done analytical part but now you should narrow down some starting points. what is it? a labyrinth? where? can you provide sound deprivation or at least sensibly reduce the noise? what kind of materials are most suitable? can you include nature in it? ...need some answers to start....

Wk4: Sounds and spaces


Wednesday, Feb 07, 2018 - 01:22:32 pm

@ Yay cake.


Can maybe start off with what we would like them to feel and experience, then can work outwards from there.

I was thinking the influence mental silence

Words Discursive-> what is the question we want viewers to ask? Is the piece directing them to question something (then what could be our method of questioning) or is it emotions we want them to feel Read more →

For this project you have to make it quick and dirty. Make it like you sketch. Not think about it for 2 days about how to make it. Use your intuition and research to help you make it quickly.

Exploration on Time through Sound


Sunday, Feb 04, 2018 - 06:14:49 pm

@ Yay cake.

We started by listing out some of our main focuses for this project.

Themes & thoughts: Time through sounds. “An invitation to PAUSE, view, be with, and to explore.” “To bring attention to sounds that have been ignored to forefront” “Expressions of each other, is time or sound the key focus?” To look at how discursive design can help bring our messages across.

Next we Read more →


An interpretation of the infra-ordinary.


Thursday, Feb 01, 2018 - 04:56:21 pm

@ Yay cake.

 (I) Anchored

(ii) Afloat

Inspired by Georges Perec  article on the infra-ordinary, we tried to seek out the banal and the forgotten on campus. Both Darren and I were inspired by the abundant flora and fauna on campus which surprising become most noticeable at dawn and dusk.

Hearing the bird chirping in the morning made us think about what Read more →