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Week 8: Form ideation

Lau Yi Wen

Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 03:52:52 am


This week’s agenda: Form ideation of seating sculptures.

The initial idea was to complete a series of seating sculptures inspired by the more prominent form in trees: Banyan’s vertical canopy, Tanjong’s long and wavy-edged leaves and Binjai’s fruit.

KS suggested that we redefine these elements into a singular piece instead. We also keep in mind of the purpose Read more →


Chen Yue & Matthew - Week 8

Matthew Ong

Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 03:23:36 am

@ Eureka!


Adding on to our field-trip post last week, here are some of our thoughts and findings:

1.Seating design of the pedal boat that we tried was too awkward

This is because the pedals were higher than the seats, as shown in the picture below, resulting in us lifting our legs up and resting in an awkward position.

We concluded that having the Read more →

Hi Fabrizio, To move forward I would like to clarify a few points: 1. Is our list of features ok? 2. In your opinion should we include the pulley system? Because it affects our boat design as we go into more detail. 3. What do you think of our boat designs or should we further develop the idea of a lighthouse boat? We hope to finalise our features, dimensions and create a CAD model by next week. Looking forward to hearing your views. Thank you!

PD-| 8-1 Announcing Smell

Heng Tong Foo

Thursday, Mar 15, 2018 - 03:21:03 am

@ thisisht.

” SMELL. “


Heng Tong  x  Hong Sheng


As previously mentioned; despite being primitive, smell is subjective, personal and under developed in human beings.

The presence and absence of odor cannot be compromised, you either smell it or you don’t. Though the tolerance of the strength of smell is adapted through the cultural capital of the Read more →


Week9: Sound & Spaces


Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018 - 11:42:35 pm

@ Yay cake.

Working thesis: Rethinking existing study spaces in South Spine, and how the re-division of that space could facilitate different activities better for various groups of people. (Eg: mugging alone vs group meetings alongside people having lunch and taking a nap.)

From last week: Q1: How do you contextualize such structure?

Q2: What kind of qualities are you looking for in your place selection? A: Read more →


Sound Wave

Rene Ng

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018 - 12:20:21 am

@ Rene

The Back-Up Plan

With the use of rectangular blocks to represent the buildings of NTU,  we were thinking of uniformity or contrast for the form of our piece.

Uniformity: The boundary of NTU will be angular, complementing the shape of the buildings.


Contrast: The boundary of NTU will remain as it was: curvy. But we were thinking of simplifying the Read more →

the design is still very approximate, you should work more on it (as I asked you earlier), better define the general appearance, hanging from above or supported from floor (by what?), materials (glass, metal, wood, ???), make 2d 3d drawings... are you sure the sound wave is easier than the magnetism? sound wave also have a lot of physical/technical constrains that might not match with the complex map shape    

Magnetism idea (rejected)

Rene Ng

Monday, Mar 12, 2018 - 11:25:43 pm

@ Rene


Chosen concept: As stated, we are focusing on students’ behaviour of social interaction in NTU — Our main focus is on the randomization of students interactions and social gatherings within NTU.Through our personal experience, we found that we would meet many people along the way during our university experience be it via hall, course, events or even just travelling in Read more →


Week 8: Spine Form Progress


Monday, Mar 12, 2018 - 06:01:00 pm

@ /kaywerlyn

Previously there were suggestions to elevate our form and simplify it so this week we decided to do a mock up and try to elevate it using Plasticine and a metal wire (which did not look like it was elevated). In the end we decided to use Rhino and cad out the form, and tried to render it with a Read more →

the minimal design could be fine but I really do not understand how you want to elevate the spine you're not showing any possible solution in your rendering, please explain

Recess Week - Study into the Seville Roof

Ong Xin Hong

Sunday, Mar 11, 2018 - 01:22:25 am

@ Oxhrene

Study into the Seville Roof

To begin, we would like to cite DETAIL inspiration on the webpage titled Technology: Metropol Parasol – a Stroll Above the Roofs of Seville written by Frank Kaltenbach.

The Metropol Parasol is described to be huge trees starting from the base of six pylons that extend upwards to merge and join to appear like “parasols” serving as Read more →

Interesting report on construction details but what about the designing process? More interesting for you is to understand how the shape and structure has been generated in rhino: a oriented grid is extruded to create a cuboid, a nurbs cloud (solid) generates the outline shape of the structure, the cuboid and the nurbs solid are boolean intersected generating the final shape. could a similar process be useful for designing your structure? ? ?
Sorry to confuse, this was just a study done earlier on the Seville roof to help us understand different options of construction better.

Week 8

Ong Xin Hong

Sunday, Mar 11, 2018 - 01:05:55 am

@ Oxhrene

Simple, Fluid, Curvilinear

During this interim, we further developed the open ribbon form which we have decided on and researched further into possible construction methods.

Development of Form

In order to visualise the form in the natural environment, we thought about the scale of the form by multiplying it in the ratio of 1:50 (1=10cm).

Alongside deciding on the real scale of the installation, we came up with a few different Read more →

the design of your structure is very different from the Seville structure you posted as a study case your structure would very difficult to achieve because the cross section is too thin, (what works for a metal sheet doesn't necessarily work the same way when you grow in scale) and, looking at your last rendering, you have people climbing the structure. In this case the structure should be very strong and guarantee safety. try to review your design in order to guarantee a more robust cross section

Product Design IV // Recess Week


Thursday, Mar 08, 2018 - 11:51:19 am

@ Nelle.

Form exploration Fiona x Shanelle

Location: Hall 7 This week we decided to do a recce at Hall 7, where the Pangolin once appeared. We wanted to go out and get a rough idea of where exactly we could place our sculpture in hall 7, how big would the dimension of the sculpture be and what kind of function could the Read more →

Ok, go ahead with form definition please, leave some clearance to the tree to allow maintenance and growth