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Week 7: Technical aspects

Rene Ng

Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018 - 01:27:40 am

@ Rene

After finalising our concept last week, we were tasked to work on the technical aspect of the installation which is how to create the repulsion to cause the balls to disperse in a randomized way.

Through researching, we found that we could only control the qualities of a magnet through creating an electromagnet. However, during the testing we found many loopholes Read more →

I'm worried because I still don't see any design! If, by chance, the electromagnetic idea will not be possible to implement (which is very possible) we are left empty hands! You're relying too much on this. You need to show some design or soon it will be too late! ...2d/3d drawings, renderings, materials simulation...
BTW something I already said to others: if you need power you must harvest it ...this means that you should integrate PV in your design, this also means that your installation should be placed somewhere under the sun to collect power, this will influence very much your design (for example: it should be an outdoor installation, how can you see the buildings light up under the sun? do you think people will be willing to play outdoor with sun/rain? do you think this will change the kind of interaction you're looking for? ...and so on and on...) When you will start thinking deeply to the project in its complexity you'll have to answer to all these questions and many more. Please, start combining all the ideas you showed us so far into a design proposal. I the idea you showed last week about floating maze but you should go further than a napkin sketch. Do something and we can start discussing about it.
Hi Fabrizio, We mentioned before that we would use solar panels in our piece during the previous weeks. Last week Ker Siang told us to try out if our circuit idea works before moving on to the form. Thus, this week we are looking at the technology aspect which is the magnet repulsion to see if it would work out.

PDIV - |7-1 the form of smell

Heng Tong Foo

Monday, Feb 26, 2018 - 11:12:45 pm

@ thisisht.

” SMELL. “


Heng Tong  x  Hong Sheng


As discussed in the previous week, we have narrowed down our direction into an installation that takes in the smell of people in NTU. As such, the smell that the installation is idealised to emit is dependent on the very people that interact with it. 

We envision our installation Read more →

I cannot say more than what I've been commenting in the previous posts... ...I bear with you, and I'm looking forward

DR3005 - Week 7


Monday, Feb 26, 2018 - 09:44:08 pm

@ Eugene Lee

DR3005 – Week 7

Expanding on the previous week’s proposition of ideas, we explored the possibility of creating shapes which could cast shadows based on sunlight and artificial lighting.

Shadow casting sketched concept

We wanted to mimic the irregularity and randomness of the nest in nature and as such the arrangement and length of the branches or twigs Read more →

still I cannot see a cohesive and consistent proposal: many ideas but one by one they are not consistent enough for a permanent installation. shadows only is not enough - what does it mean the cubic frame? - the rocking chair is just a small furniture (we are not interested in one individual furniture), the curvy bench could be a starting point but is lacking the dimension/the emphasis to become public art. Can you combine nest, branches, shadows, sharing with animals, nature, all the things until now you were talking about in something significant? I quote my last week comment for the shadow proposal: "remember that, as we said before, it should be a self-sustaining installation, if you need power for lighting you should provide it…" ...did you read it? it means that if you need power you should harvest integrating PV in your design... or shadows are just daytime from the sun...    

Progress (week 7 part 2)

Rachel Fong

Monday, Feb 26, 2018 - 06:39:26 pm

@ Rachel Fong

After reading Fabrizio’s comment, we decided to explore and focus more on repetition and connectivity while maintaining the same concept of a shared space.

Idea 1

Idea 2

Hey glad to see some iterations and developments. For this direction it has become slightly modular and repetitive. Now it is a single element repeated a few times. Your team needs to devise ways to also express a sense of “wholeness” at the same time. That key characteristic is not present here, and fine tuning this technique is crucial for your concept, and is an important value of your team’s work. Fabrizio, over to you.
Agree with KS, you should refine more

Progress (week 7)

Rachel Fong

Sunday, Feb 25, 2018 - 03:02:21 am

@ Rachel Fong

Inspiration from Henry Moore

After doing a bit of readings on Henry Moore and his sculptures, there was a surprising fact that most of his sculptures were also inspired by skulls and bones!

Bones are the inside structure that nature uses for both lightness and strength…so in bones you can find the principles which can be very important in sculpture

Henry Read more →

I can see a big improvement in your creative process. Interesting shapes as well. There is still one thing, your idea of representing the backbone implies the concepts of structural connectivity and repetition as a metaphor of students' body and unity made from singular elements. I think these are fundamental concepts of your design. In the images above I don't feel these concepts well represented. Maybe is the fact that the sculptural elements (spine bones) look disembodied from their structure, in my opinion is still lacking the sense of continuity and inter-connectivity. Try to improve and refine your design looking into some other designers' work. Some are linked on this syllabus page: biomorphism
Hi Fabrizio,thanks for the feedback. We will continue to improve and refine the form of our design. Molte grazie!

PDIV - |6-1 the form of smell

Heng Tong Foo

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 - 02:51:26 am

@ thisisht.

” SMELL. “


Heng Tong  x  Hong Sheng

Review of the comments from Exercise Sponge conducted the previous week

Exercise Sponge conducted during the previous week was a study of both material testing; as well as the collective data of absorbed smell at the various location within the premise of NTU.

We understand that the depiction of the form of Read more →

I just came across this article That unique smell at the airport


And if you have been to Changi Airport enough or just recently, you can in fact, recall that familiar smell in your head right now. The airport, can sometimes, quite literally smell like home.

Scent marketing is an actual marketing tool.

Shopping centres and retail stores have long been using unique scents to create a sense of familiarity with the brand as you walk through their doors.

The same can be said for the airport, only this time, it also has that added sense of comfort and home when you’re returning from overseas. The smell that greets you at Changi Airport is actually an orchid tea fragrancedeveloped specially for the airport.

The scent is diffused at many places, including the main doors at departure halls and along 64 of the airport’s gangways’s true that smell can trigger your memory and bring back emotions are those emotions you should work on you must be sure that your installation will be relevant to the users the shape of the installation should be able to attract people curiosity (like flowers attract bees??? following a controversial work Regarding the chosen location: the ignored paved area years ago was dedicated to some benches and umbrellas, now is neglected because is smelly due the exhausting pipes from canteen kitchens...I wouldn’t recommend for your installation...

PDIV - | 6-2 form of smell


Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 - 02:45:12 am

@ Jayden

” SMELL. “


Heng Tong  x  Hong Sheng

We have talked about the story behind our concept and what we would like to achieve in the end product for our project, we then went on to look at forms which suggests/ invites different modes of interaction with the artwork.

Previously Ker Siang suggested Read more →

I left a comment on the other post. It works for this as well. Good to try an interaction with people, make sure about the durability of the materials you’re working with...and how they react with rain and heat...

Week 06: Transposing design elements into forms

Lau Yi Wen

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 - 02:15:12 am


-Recap from last week –

PSD matrix was constructed based on the characteristics of the north hall heritage trees: Banyan = Fluidity, Tanjong = Vitality, Binjai = Transience.

This week we aim to transpose the three design elements into meaningful visual forms that represent its characteristics.

Multiple types of green are already scattered around the communal plaza. Read more →

In my opinion the shapes might be nice but are of difficult interpretation, from the users point of view it might be difficult to see any relation to trees’ attributes. anyway, what they made of? And the seats? ...and very important, where are you getting from the power for lights and sensors?

Wk 6: Sound & Spaces


Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 - 01:59:33 am

@ Yay cake.

From last week Questions What is it? It is a space for quite respite. The form is a cave-like structure with a water feature ceiling allowing dappled shadows to dance within the interior surface.

Where? a. Opposite School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

b. Yunnan Garden

Can you include nature in it? Yes! With the use of the water feature it would bring about the sense Read more →

Hey! I left you with sound last week and I find you with water today. What happened? anyway, you’re proposing 2 open spaces (please forget Yunnan Garden) and you’re talking about a sort of cave, water reflection on ceiling? Not sure I understand your mockup is confused and unclear the intention. You’re loosing focus, please simplify. (why not simply create a path/labyrinth using phono-absorbing materials...)

Chen Yue & Matthew - Week 6

Lin Chenyue

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 - 01:41:22 am

@ lin

Continuing from previous posts and feedback from the class, we decided to further develop the concept of a pedal boat, which incorporates the idea of team cooperation and provides a shelter for people to sit and enjoy the view of the lake.

Some concerns about this concept were:

1. What if some one pushes the boat away from the platform

2. The Read more →

Ok! I think using an existing floating structure as base for your design would be a good idea, as well as using PV panels to power it. Pedaling is fine, the pulling system could be presented as second option You must narrow down your ideas on some design proposal We want to see very detailed drawings and 3D modeling otherwise there is nothing to comment on
Thank you for your comment! Actually the pedaling boats are tied to the cable on the pulley system. In this way, the boats will only move according to the fixed route and prevents people from pushing it away into the middle of the lake. As commented by Ker Siang today, the idea of a pulley system also makes sense in NTU as a technological university. Therefore we are considering to develop a more mechanical look of the design and to fit  the context better.
Ok but do not push too much on the technical side: mechanism and safety are issues we can debate later if the idea can go through. Now focus on the design of the barge and on the use of it.