Case Study: The Camden Bench

By: KS |

A rather cynical piece of design in an urban setting. However, this is useful for us to study how the behaviours, constraints and requirements actually ‘sculpted’ the public bench. Every consideration for its form, material, treatment and dimensions are informed by its aims. It has been said to be determined by “what it is not”, rather… Read more »

For Week 4

By: KS |

Hey All, as discussed in our WhatsApp group, please post your developments by 1400hrs of the day before your next studio session. This way, we will be able to prepare more substantial feedback to aid in the development of your projects.   Also, please be reminded to post the developments that you have shared this… Read more »

Progress Check

By: KS |

Hey everyone, We were impressed by the thoughts and the diverse perspectives that went into the assignment. Keep it up, we want more. So, don’t rest on your laurels. Continue to ask questions, refine your concept statements, reveal tensions, investigate behaviours, explore the benefits of technology, test your ideas, and seek out the untold narratives… Read more »

Design for the Real World (1971)

By: fabrizio |

Hello, as suggested on Thursday class, despite being a bit old this is always a good reading about design, designers and their role in society Victor Papanek- design for the real world