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Illustration for Design: Assignment 2 process pt 2

Viena Lee

Friday, Apr 06, 2018 - 06:05:15 pm

@ Viena Lee Lin Tsin

After creating the basic shapes required for the final composition, I then looked into creating compositions for magazine cover, which was extremely tough for me in the beginning as I was lost, not knowing what outcome I wanted to have exactly in the final product.

This was what I had in the beginning, playing with the layout of the different elements. Read more →

I love the grey version! It looks like an old video game environment

Illustration for Design: Assignment 2 process pt 1

Viena Lee

Friday, Apr 06, 2018 - 04:43:07 pm

@ Viena Lee Lin Tsin

In order to create patterns for the editorial design, I decided to go for the idea of creating patterns and alter it to “trigger” people due to design mistakes like misalignment, inconsistent colourings and the likes.

Lisa introduced me to a particular artist who creates beautiful patterns, Marian bantjes. Her book, “I wonder” is available in the ADM library. Here was Read more →


DV2002: Assessment #2 - Editorial Illustration Part 3 (Process)

Seng Yi Ling

Tuesday, Apr 03, 2018 - 12:17:53 am

@ Seng Yi Ling

Lets get on with the process of making the cover editorial illustration!

I drew out my designs on paper first and I tried using transparencies to create individual elements to play around with layers.

And then I scanned my designs in and tried to image trace it, however, because I used pencil, the lines were not very clear which resulted in unjointed Read more →


editorial illustration: process to final


Monday, Mar 26, 2018 - 01:39:55 pm

@ kc

kind of found this effect (above) by accident while playing around with the layer modes and it was something i was looking for, so that the floating face stands out more. so i tweaked the effects a little to get to the final piece.

also i found the face too much of flat white so i coloured her Read more →


You're the Apple of my Eye- Varoom Magazine


Monday, Mar 26, 2018 - 01:02:49 pm

@ Wabi Sabi

You’re the Apple of my Eye

An illustration on obsessive love disorder. A person who obsessively loves may engage in escalating tools of psychological control, or other forms of control, in an effort to keep their love object close. In turn, the object of obsessive love may have difficulty setting clear limits and boundaries on the obsessive behaviours.

Links to:  Read more →

So nice :)
Thank youuu!! Can't wait to see yours!  


Monday, Mar 26, 2018 - 12:57:31 pm

@ ✄✄✄


initial digitized sketch / sketch cleaned up with minor edits 

colour + texture / more detail

Final artwork!!!!

some size trials 

cover with no background

Read more →


Editorial design: Trial & Errors


Monday, Mar 26, 2018 - 11:35:45 am

@ Yay cake.

 V1: The bottom text was so unreadable, so we tried zooming out the illustration.

V2: Text still unreadable, didn’t really like the empty spaces and the new perspective.  

V3: Tried a different text color, adding to the text outline as well. Still unreadable.

V4: Tried making the text thinner, still unreadable.

V5: Added a border, didn’t really like Read more →


Illustration For Designer: Editorial (Research - 4) Finalizing Composition

Rachel Ng

Monday, Mar 26, 2018 - 10:15:03 am


Rough Sketch

Color Research I look into some color concept that I could follow or have a guide because as I roughly created a background using the reference from my mood board I realized that the color are too down, it is too boring and gives a sad, moody feeling and I don’t want that as a magazine cover. Also Read more →


Illustration For Designer: Editorial (Research - 2) Inspiration & Moodboard

Rachel Ng

Monday, Mar 26, 2018 - 10:10:24 am


The first composition that caught my eyes were actually these little matt looking color pencil style like composition, but looking back at my theme there are alot of individual items and “stereotypes” that I wanted to in cooperate into the composition, this style to me seems more like creating a scenario/ situation so I thought that it might be Read more →


Editorial Illustration, Pt. IV

Christy Stephanie

Monday, Mar 26, 2018 - 01:21:54 am

@ Christy Stephanie

After settling the concept of robots searching for hearts in a maze and sketching it out, I found that it is very hard to do a satisfying isometric maze by hand. So I moved it over to Adobe Illustrator. At this point, Lisa also suggested that the heart does not need to be smack in the middle of the composition. Read more →