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Assignment 1: Self portrait, final rendition


Monday, Feb 05, 2018 - 05:24:08 pm

@ Yay cake.

Explored different strokes to break up the harsh division line, decided to go with the second one. The strokes are more subtle and blended compared to the third piece.

The last one is so cute the border is very floofy :D
Hehe, dyou think it works better?? I'm really open to either hahahha
I like both! (Somehow personal preference for the second one cause it looks progressively less harsh than the first one) :O i think looks way less harsh than the line. Can experiment with gradient through strokes also but idk if that's necessary, these ones look good already :D

Assignment 1 - Self portrait Final

XiaoJing Peng

Monday, Feb 05, 2018 - 01:08:35 pm

@ Grace Peng

Version I

Version II

Version III