Week 12


Hello Everyone

Its week 12. This will be the last full studio class before our final critique session next week. Therefore I plan to give you most of the class time to work on your projects.

I saw most of you for a review session last week and informed you that due to time constraints that I would reduce the required items down from 5 to 4 final pieces. One of which must still be 3 dimensional.

We will have a short and hopefully fun warm up session today where we’ll consider what it means to have a bad idea and how to reframe the context.

Happy Monday


Disappearing Sculpture

Featured Artist: Julian Voss-Andreae 

This week I came across the work of Sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae and his disappearing sculptures. Please review the links and videos below:




In the context of our warm up activity, Bad Ideas, it occured to me that at some point this artist must have considered if making sculptures that disappear was indeed a bad idea! Would this therefore insinuate that all bad ideas are simply good ideas in the wrong context!? Food for thought!