Week 2

Stylised Self Portrait

This week we’ll discuss the requirements of the fist assignment task. We will also review the work of various artists, designers and illustrators and how they approach the challenge of creating a self portrait which represents not only their physical appearance but also their emotional or social being.

We will review the difference between realism and stylisation and which approach would be best suited to your sill level.


Please find a PDF of the first assignment task below:

Assignment Task 1 Self Portrait Jan 2018

Please find the marking rubric for the first task below:

Assignment Task 1 MARKING GUIDE Jan 2018


Please find slides from this week’s lecture below:

Self Portrait Videos


Please find below links to several videos showing different approaches to exploring stylised self portraits.

There are several other videos in the Guardian self portrait series that I would like you to explore:


La Nena Case Study


All images shown are copyright of artist Nena Salobir