Week 3


This week we will review your initial self portrait sketches by participating both one-on-one feedback and a group critique sessions.

There will be a short review of the requirements of Assignment Task 1 – Self portrait with a Q&A session should there be any items that require clarification.

You will continue to create development sketches for your self portrait and then begin transfer your ideas into final traditional media illustrations or digital drawing.

Followed by a short instructional period of how to participate in a successful Critique: discussing how can work be improved.

Assignment Task 4

Assignment Task 4


  1. Identify and evaluate techniques used to create stylistic and conceptual illustrations.
  2. Employ clear and well-structured presentation skills to communicate concepts within illustration.


This projects asks you to become a reflective practitioner who is aware of, and able to answer with justifications, the following three questions about your own practice:

Why you work in the way that you do?

How do you create solutions to illustrative problems?

How does your work relate to other historical or contemporary illustrators?

You should also aim to address the following questions:

How do you develop and evaluate new ideas?

How are you influenced by other’s works?

How do you plan, visualise and explore?

How do you choose tools and formats?

How do you make decisions about composition?

For this assignment, you should keep a regular, detailed blog that documents your creative research and development as you carry out work for your practical assessments. You are required to blog regularly and continuously throughout this course. Posting at minimum of 5 entries. The principle is that your blog must contain detailed posts about what you are doing together with other posts that reflect on sources that are influential in developing your practice.


Please make sure you use a theme for your blog that displays the date of each post. You should use the Open Source Studio (OSS) platform to create your blog and you have each been registered on to the Illustration for designers course.

Each entry should have some text, but the extent of this will depend on the nature of the entry. Do not post things without any comments however – this exercise is about your reactions rather than simply a collage of things you’ve seen.

Ideally, a reflective entry should provide you with new insights into yourself and your wider practice (doing, thinking, looking); not a simple description or explanation of what you do – try and say why you do what you do. Make sure that you check your spelling and grammar carefully. All third party material (texts, images, films and/or music.) In your blog should be cited and referenced using APA academic referencing format.


Create a minimum of 5 blog posts.

A suggested time-line is as follows:

Assessment 1: Week 3

Assessment 2: Week 4

Assessment 2: Week 7

Assessment 3: Week 11

Assessment 3: Week 13

This is intended as a guide only you are free to create more blog posts or create entries on different dates than listed. Each blog post must be dated.


You must submit:

A reflective blog containing at least 5 dated posts along with your login details.


DUE DATE: Week 13 beginning of class





Please find below the in-class activity handout for sucessfully participating in a critique session.









Please find below a link to a mounting demonstration. Please note your submission should be presented on Black mounting board rather than foam core and your illustration should have a protective cover.



Below are the In-class activities for today