Week 6


This week we will begin to explore concepts for your chosen theme in more depth. What does Empathy, Style or Obsession mean to you?

We’ll take a look at strategies for divergent thinking, creating a word association chart to develop ideas and create conceptual links to your theme and we’ll take this idea generation strategy and apply it to thumbnail sketches.

You should have produced a target audience user persona and a moodboard at this stage to inform your creative choices and you should keep these at hand and continually refer back to them during your creative process.

Divergent Principles SWAMI

Please find below the slides from Divergent Principles SWAMI discussion



Idea Generation

Please find below some useful links to aid with idea generation strategies.

The video below is a little quirky but I do think the concept being presented has merit if you can get past the bizarre delivery!

This link may help you with the technique described in the above video