Week 7

Description Week 7

Hello and welcome to week 7

This week we will begin to refine your editorial illustration ideas into 3 presentable pencil sketches.

We will review several compositional strategies and how these can be applied to your illustrations. Building on last week’s thumbnail sketches and ideation techniques we will narrow your ideas down to 3 options which will be presented to the class for critique after the recess period.

Please review the video link and reading assignments for this week and I look forward to seeing your ideas develop into creative compositions!

Pencil Comps Lecture

Please find below slides from this week’s lecture for your reference

Video Links

VIdeo links which discuss compositional strategies





Articles to read

Please find below several articles which support today’s class.

Is it still important to be able to draw and sketch as a designer?








Activity for the 4th March

I would like all students to upload their three pencil comps, labelled clearly as option 1, 2 or 3 to OSS by Friday 4th March. 

Each student should then critique the work of at least 3 other students. Offering their opinion on which composition should be chosen for the final illustration.

I will also give feedback to each student with the intention that you can begin your final composition after these online discussions.