Week 9


Welcome to week 9

Firstly thank you for asking the time out to give me feedback last week. it’s really invaluable and hopefully I can make some changes to improve the course better and work on the good stuff too! A few people commented on the classroom itself being inconducive to creativity so with this in mind for the warm up this session this week we’re taking it outside! Please see the video and reading section for information as to why!

This week we will explore the final project – Applied Illustrations

We’ll take a look at illustration for packaging and review some contemporary applications of illustration across a range of items

If you do want to show me your work in progress for the editorial illustration please feel free to email me, stop by my office or upload to OSS with a request for feedback.





Types of illustration

Please find below a very useful article detailing many differing types and styles of illustration  that you may consider for your project

Types of Illustration – Styles and Techniques


Videos & Readings