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extra credit – tokyo girls vs. the great happiness space

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Discuss briefly the hosting club culture in Japan with a particular focus on language and sexuality and/or desire by comparing the two documentaries we have watched in class – Tokyo Girls and The Great Happiness Space. Make sure to highlight the similarities and differences between the work of hostesses in clubs for men (as represented in the documentary ‘Tokyo Girls’) and that… Read more »

it’s raining men

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hello and welcome to our in-class/take-home/do-it-wherever exam! please pick two questions, answer them in a single blog post, categorize the post as ‘it’s raining men‘ and schedule it to be published at 3:30pm. make sure to draw on the material we have covered so far (the textbook) as well as other online sources which you should reference (hyperlink) in your essay.  enjoy! Q-1 Julie and Mike… Read more »

a feminist glossary

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here is a link to a recent article which introduces some terms which are relevant for understanding and discussing feminism, gender and sexuality – some are established, academic terms found in the relevant literature; others are more recent lexical innovations that have recently originated ‘online’… thoughts, comments?  

your thoughts on ‘pussification’?

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So, here we have this article about fraternities. Given what we’ve discussed so far about language, gender, and sexuality, as well as what we’read about the ways of communication among fraternity members in the US, what are your quick thoughts on this? Also, as a reminder, here’s the video we watched in class that you… Read more »

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what’s wrong with labels?

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In class, we talked about the proliferation of labels used to describe (and perhaps even fix) different ‘sexual identities’, and how these have been useful in mobilizing members of the so-called ‘sexual minorities’ to fight the stigma and claim their rights. These labels, however, have shown to be controversial, and they have been the topic… Read more »

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