the female price of male pleasure

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In her discussion of male pleasure and female pain, Lili Loofbourow puts forward a compelling argument that ‘[w]omen are enculturated to be uncomfortable most of the time. And to ignore their discomfort.’ Any thoughts on this?

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(Edit) Natasha
I think it's true to a certain extent that sex is heavily focused on male pleasure
(Edit) Syazwani
I think women should not have to endure the pain since sex should be consensual and for pleasure. So if it hurts, she should voice out her pain. Also, if he or she says no, it's definitely a no.
(Edit) Lim Qiu Li Cherie
I think that this does not only applies to women. Both males and females would probably experience some sort of discomfort when doing sex, not only physical pain but perhaps the intense moment of staring into each other? Sex should be a good session for both parties in order for both to feel satisfied eventually. Hence, if either party experiences unbearable discomfort, he or she should voice out.
(Edit) Tania
any form of discomfort whether for the female and male should be a sign itself to say no or find some means to compromise (sorta). while women have to learn to voice out their discomfort, men should understand that no means no.
(Edit) Dwi Idayuny
Let us not even talk about what each gender has 'rights to' and what another has to 'accept'. Intercourse is a mutual thing thus both involved has equal rights and needs to satisfy. Any otherĀ things apart from a definite yes is a possible no. If not, that will only mean its no longer sex...

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