Week 4-7

Upload your presentation from week 3 to OSS or provide link to your presentation ( if on gdrive)

Work on identifying tutorials and tools for delivery of the first prototype

Working on a prototype 1

Week 1-3

Research and Moodboard
Concept and Techniques research for Elphi and/or MAN. Research and collect inspiration for digital mood-board for your chosen team.

Research (use Power Point or pdf minimum 5 slides)

-Theme /concept research: come up with three concept (s).It can be also one idea with three techniques or three different concepts.

-Techniques research -reviewing possible techniques by going online and searching for case studies and tutorials (After Effects/ Cinema 4D) Collection, collation, and analysis of background material. Look at the past works (OSS) from your handout.

Some links to Pinterest visual board for your inspiration

Examples of presentations:

Please note that these are just examples from previous classes you can organize and present either pdf/power point/ pinterest/ OSS etc.

Presentation: Idea & Research: Yin & Yang

YIN & YANG – Style 1 & Experimentations


Beyond the Seas: References and Case Studies

This is later stage or research into methodology !

Exploring After Effects and Premiere Pro

More Examples of some research presentations on process for you to get ideas…   

  • OSS Gallery 2016/17

Presentations https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/2017-da9012/presentations/

  • OSS Gallery 2017/18

Final Works https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/17s1-da9012-tut-g01/gallery/