ELMAN Project Intro


An international art project will bring  together the renowned Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Germany – one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world, BTK University of Art & DesignUniversity of Applied Sciences Europe Campus in Hamburg and students from School of Art, Design and Media, (ADM) Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU). Students from both universities will create content for two site-specific locations: one being MAN NTU Singapore (with the theme of passing) and one Elphi Hamburg (with the theme of music). NTU ADM students will create works for Hamburg with 26th of November 2018 confirmed as Hamburg premiere and the BTK students will develop works for MAN NTU from March to June 2018 with the premier slated to be held at the MAN NTU Singapore.on the 30th of November.  The locations cannot be more radically different in both the architecture of the space as well as geographically, culturally, and historically. The Elbphilharmonie is located on the Elbe river and harbor island Grasbrook. The City of Hamburg has built a new concert hall on top of the historic Sandtorhafen, Hamburg’s biggest warehouse on the water, built in 1875. Destroyed in the Second World War, it was rebuilt and renamed Kaispeicher. [2] MAN NTU is located in the urban and busy passageway at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore.

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Students from Film and Motion Design BTK University of Art & Design Hamburg

From left to right melting in Hamburg Julian Bäder (Elbphilharmonie Advertising / Events & Partnerships), Ina Conradi (NTU), Britta Voß (Elbphilharmonie Advertising / Partnerships), Thorsten Bauer (Project lead Elbphilharmonie), Verena Kremer ( Lead Professor at UA BTK), 30 May 2018

Project Featured in Press


Link to Elphi Blog: Article in Press
Hamburger Abendblatt, Animationen für die Elbphilharmonie by Nina Ebner, 11.07.2018, e214816525/Animationen-fuer-die-Elbphilharmonie.html

Project featured in German press / web as of July 2018



About Elphi Concert Hall-Architecture

The Elbphilharmonie  (unofficial literal English translation: Elbe Philharmonic Hall) is a concert hall in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, Germany, on the Grasbrook (de) peninsula of the Elbe River. It is one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the worldIt is popularly nicknamed Elphi.

The new glassy construction resembles a hoisted sail, water wave or quartz crystal; it sits on top of an old warehouse building (Kaispeicher A, built 1963) near the historical Speicherstadt and is designed by architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron. It is the tallest inhabited building in Hamburg, with a final height of 108 metres (354 ft).

The Elbphilharmonie was officially inaugurated with concerts of the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra and a light show on 11 January 2017.

 Reference taken from Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elbphilharmonie#cite_note-7

About Elphi Media Wall

Elbphilharmonie Media Wall 

857,472 LED’s in Greeting
Consists of new fewer than 857,472 LED’s. It shows digital works of art on a display measuring 18 x 5m playing animation sequences and high-resolution films to provide a playful introduction to the building’s architecture. (https://www.elbphilharmonie.de/en/search/media%20wall)


Discover more about the Elbphilharmonie media wall:


Dancing Waves of Sound

Useful resources:
Facebook: https://fb.me/elbphilharmoniehamburgEN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elbphilharmonie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elbphilharm…
Google Arts & Cutlure: http://g.co/elbphilharmonie
Elbphilharmonie Blog: http://elbphilharmonie.de/en/worldwide ___ https://www.elbphilharmonie.com
Why Herzog & de Meuron’s Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Is Worth Its $900 Million Price Tag

Gallery of Images by Maxim Schulz

UA BTK Art & Design: Film and Motion Class

University of Applied Sciences Europe,  Campus in Hamburg  BTK Art & Design – Film and Motion Design class.

MAN presentation from Los Angeles, March 2018

Dan Ng (ADM)  visiting class in Hamburg

Dan Ng Presenting on Media Art Nexus in Hamburg

Presentation by Thorsten Bauer, UA BTK Hamburg

Ina Visit in May 2018 to UA BTK Class for critique