Assignment 4

By: dejan.grba |

Individual impressions on the visit to Minimalism exhibition in National Gallery Singapore

Select either one artwork, or a set of interconnected artworks, or the whole exhibition (Minimalism as the art-historical phenomenon or the minimalist principle which has been omnipresent in the arts historically and geographically).
Research about it, write your individual reflections and back them up with media and links.
In selecting, try to recognize the conceptual, structural/formal/material, narrative, inspirational and/or motivational links to the projects you are developing in the class, or to interactive art in general.
The scope of writing is no less than 950 characters with spaces or 130 words or 10 lines in 12pt, and up to 1900 characters with spaces or 260 words or 20 lines in 12pt.

Post your reflections here, deadline is 5 March.

NB: If you are in both Narratives for Interaction and Interactive II classes, you only need to write one reflection, but post it to the OSS page of the class which is more relevant to what you reflected on.

I hope you enjoyed our visit to Minimalism. We were privileged to be guided by Silke who is both highly knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the subject matter, which adds special flavor to the experience, helps us get closer to the artworks and to connect them to what we do.

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