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Dear all,
This week we will address in class Criteria of team assessment– which have been approved by NTU ADM.
This week in class in regards to team production – ensure that you or someone from your team list updates the OSS post with clear contribution from each member. It does not need to be comprehensive – but I need to see what is each of you doing on the project! Each of you is extremely valuable to project outcome and best possible delivery!

You can ask me more questions in class this week- we will need this in your OSS latest by November 26th ( exhibit time).



More on Team Grading

Criteria of team assessment

While team projects, team aims and individual roles can vary greatly amongst creative Art, Design and Media projects, there are several assessable components that are common in all team situations.

  • Collaborative achievement: How well the team meets the project brief in a way that surpasses the capabilities of a single individual.
  • Collaborative creativity: How well the team demonstrates initiative, exploration and creativity, combining the separate skills and abilities of the individuals to expand and generate new creative outcomes.
  • Individual growth: How much you grow as an individual within the team. This could be artistic, technical, or team-related such as team management.
  • Individual contribution: How effective your contribution is to the team. This includes performing your role as expected or exceeding expectations in areas such as meeting deadlines and contributing to key moments such as presentations, screenings, discussions and submissions.
  • Team relationship: This includes inter-personal team relationships, with aspects such as positive engagement, readiness to contribute, value of communication, sharing of ideas, fairness and peer support. You may also be assessed on team management and leadership.


Note that the importance of these aspects will vary between different projects. Your instructor will discuss these with you at the start of a team project.


What is the weightage of the team assessment?

With smaller team projects (2-3 members)  assessed at 20% or less, one single grade will be shared across all team members. In principle, you will receive the same marks as your team. However, your individual score may vary based on feedback about your contributions



Is team assessment part of the existing Participation ILO?

Team assessment is a separate assessment that will be combined with your main project assessment.


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