In regards to Week 12 – UPDATE ON SUBMISSION

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear all,

thanks to Jacelyn and Anna we have wonderful profile photos of class for web site and PRESS.

Please fill out  information info about your works for WEB SITE and media

Week 12, 5 November 
In Class review of the work. Attendance mandatory.
It is important to be in class this week as we will go over details on Submission as well as update on PR for the project. Optional: Please UPLOAD JPEG or any video file by Tuesday morning if you want to test on MAN in the evening  (3840 by 480) .

  • ideally 60 %- 80% to be done. For group works roles of each member to be clearly explained.
  • In Class Explained will be HAP Codec for Changi  submission in December
  • We will ge going over web site and exhibition information for web site


Week 13, 12 November Mandatory Consultations

  • Please sign up for any slots from 9am till 730 pm
  • Optional testing at the media wall North Spine 


Week 14, 19 November

  • Optional  Consultations from 9am till 730 pm
  • Deadline to upload noon Wed 20 Nov NOON. After this deadline we will not be accepting.
  • Render for Changi @ 3328 by 608 pixels, H264 MP4, 25 fps
  • Each group / artist tp upload your final Elphi video files on the class OSS with brief description. We will be using elman web site to link to your process on OSS.

Week 15, 26 November 2019

  • Exhibition in Singapore 8- 9pm (10pm) at the Media Wall North Spine. We need photographer for the event.
  • Viewing files live from Germany on the media wall in north spine
  • IN this week Rendering for CHANGI 3328 by 608 pixels as a MP4 Video file
  • TBC Testing MP4 Format CHANGI (Dates to be confirmed 28 Nov or 29 Nov late late night). First photo documentation
  • Improving files for Changi, adding audio and converting to HAP Codec
  • Changi Exhibit in January 2020 CNY in week 1 of classes.(TBC)


Changi Specs

CHANGI SPECS T2 – one file for testing in MP4, final output HAP format

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