Link to Gdrive folder for uploading files for quolity preview on a large scale

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

Starting this coming week (week 8), you will have the option to test and preview works on a larger scale regularly at the North Spine Plaza on the Media Art Nexus wall. For the starters, (and just once now or later) we will fit renders’ stills into MAN’s specs of 3840 pixels by 480 pixels. Once you do one test you can stick to Elphi resolution size.   

If you are ready to test, please consider to upload files by no later than October 8, TUESDAY 9 am.

The file submission format:

Still image JPEGs @ 3840 pixels by 480 pixels from your works or if you can have an animated clip, at a new resolution of 3840 pixels by 480 pixels @ 30 sec per frame, H264 compression and file format in mp4.

Here is a link to Gdrive folder where we will be uploading tests:

Please note that to save time and for the future, we will render STILLS from your movie test files @ 3840 pixels  by 480 pixels JUST FOR ONE TIME TEST in this resolution to preview and ensure quality. The resolution of MAN LED wall in North Spine is close to Changi LED wall resolution of 3328 pixels by 608 pixels. The MAN LED screen resolution and Changi MAN LED screen resolution are much higher and at 4k.
Elphi LED screen resolution is 2k @1848 pixels 464 pixels.

 The test will allow you to ensure your textures are accurate and HR enough and the speed of the animation is ok. 

Of course, we will be testing, and I can schedule evening and lunch slots in the coming week so you can preview if you do not have things ready by Tuesday.


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