Open Call for ELPHI Documentation for PRESS

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

Premier for ELMAN is now finally solid and pushed for one week LATER!

 now for confirmation of the 26th.November for Elman Premiere 

Another thing regarding Press

This is an open call for anyone that is film or media that could assist with the received request from Thorsten regarding Press.

Elphie offered to produce a small Clip that then is posted in all the Channels they have access to. This would be the core point of any communication from Elphie side about this Project.

This could only happen if they are supported by some prepared Video material.

This request is even more urgent to Singapore.

Do you know anyone from class or in film that could help us with:

a small clip (or 4 separate clips) with:

  • small interviews (more little Statements) of ADM students regarding cooperation with Elphie,
  • Nexus shots with first impressions of this years works (or/and results from ADM MAN and  Verenas Class)
  • Establishing shoots of the Location (Nexus, aswell as the University /maybe the drone flights?( i will ask school of we can use of any exhisting? or not used footage !)
  • Small Statement of the Responables profs or/and your School Chair/Chair etc.


If any possible please provide a precutted version of the footage, not all the complete footage Database. Not a finalized Film either, but pre filtered to what shoots and statements are suiting this purpose.

All in all something between 3-7 min Material.


If anyone can do or recommend student from film that would do let me know today!





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