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ELMAN is creative art exchange between two distant urban media displays – the Elbphilharmonie Media Wall (Elphi) in Hamburg and the Media Art Nexus (MAN) at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU). As a part of the ELMAN University Project 2018, the emerging artists from the University of Applied Sciences Europe, Department Art & Design, Film + Motion Design Class, Campus Hamburg and the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, School of Art, Design and Media have created artworks for both site-specific media platforms. All results will premiered on Monday, 26th of November 2018 in Hamburg and on Friday, 30th of November in Singapore.
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Participating Artists: Reynard Adrianto, Diamanda Alatorre Hernández, Robin Aldag, Ninja Annighöfer, Abdul Qayyum Bin Sarip, Eva Böttcher, Sacil Aaron James Carpio, Amber Chan, Chio Jo Inng,Katja Fischer, Karl Gieth, Laura Gilich, Nasya Goh, Vanessa Christie Goh, Darren Ho Jian Hunt, Ties Kozok, Louisa Lek, Joan Li, Emilia Ema Lilek, Alvin Ling, Zhang Longfei, Sven Miller, Jelena Moench, Jan Moritz Mueller, Eduardo Motta, Jakob Münster, Marc Nickel, Johannes Ohm, Philipp Quast, Thamina Rastagar, Eli Rix, Moritz Schmidt, Sandy Schmidt, Tobias Schneider, Benjamin Soh, Tricia Tan, Insa Vollert, Ruotong Wang, Jan Weddewer, Joey-Dean Woo-Ling, Rebecca Yang, Jiaqi Yao, Su Xian Yeow, Ruo Bing Yu.

ELMAN Project Curatorial Teams
Hamburg: Thorsten Bauer, ELMAN Project Inventor and Initiator, Curator Elbphilharmonie Media Wall Verena Kraemer, Professor, Head of Program Film and Motion Design, University of Applied Sciences Europe, Department of Art & Design, Campus Hamburg

Ina Conradi, Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media, Creative Director Media Art Nexus NTU Mark Chavez, Founder/CEO Giant Monster, Creative Director, Media Art Nexus NTU

Elbphilharmonie Institutional Support:
Julian Conrad and Britta Voss, Advertising Events & Partnerships

University of Applied Sciences Europe, Department of Art & Design, Campus Hamburg Institutional Support:

Hilka Jeworrek, Editor in Chief – Online, Content and Social Media Manager
Niclas Spranger, Social Media Assistant
Rene Scharton, Camera Operator
Marleen Hahn, Photographer
Robin Aldag, Portraits Photographer, Camera Operator & Video Editor

Nanyang Technological University Singapore Institutional Support:
Teh Eng Eng Faith, Director NTU Museum
School of Art, Design and Media Institutional Support:
Peer M. Sathikh, Associate Professor, Associate Chair (Academic)
Muhammad Mustajab Bin Mohamad, Senior Executive, Publicity and Outreach
Lim Pheng Yew, Head, Administration
Lau Kheng Hock, Senior Assistant Manager, Technology & Design
Kumar Chockanathan, Senior Executive, Technology & Design
Poh Zhuang Yu, Assistant Manager, Media
Abdul Shukor, Bin Mohammad Senior Executive, Audio
Ahmad Azahki Bin, Mustafa, Senior Executive (Photography)
Rashid Rahim, Senior Executive (Foundation)

Event Design Branding:
Ivan Yew, Animation & Video Teaser
Tan Kwang Boon (KB), Web Site & Print Branding
Quek Jia Liang, Photography & Video
Dan Ng and Longfei Zhang, Portraits Photographers
Tate Egon Chavez, Animation & Video Teaser Music







About the works

When designing for Elbphilhramonie Hamburg there are few key design issues to take care of:

Speed, Color, Number of Scenes

Web site featuring works of German and Singaporean Students



Refrain/Reflex | Final by Aaron James & Alvin Ling


Connection – Final


Roller Coaster of Emotions | Final


Ensemble No.1




The Last Song Syndrome | Final



Enso | FINAL




Celestial Bodies – FINAL




The Creature


Forces by Yeow Su Xian  and Jan Weddewer

What is music — tangible forces or intangible feeling? Force begets movement, and movement begets feeling. This series of motion graphics is a visualisation of forms influenced by musical forces.





Overview of UE Hamburg

June testing of works done for MAN Singapore



Rise by Thamina Rastagar, Tobias Schneider

RISE shows the growth of 6 surreal 3D sculptures. The idea is to captivate an audience with short, eccentric, growing sculptures, as they pass by. Only requiring a moment of their attention, we hope to engrave the evolution of our animations into their minds, as they move along.

Presentation PDF May 23


From Hamburg with love by Sandy Schmidt and Diamanda Alatorre Hernández

A fantastical journey through Hamburg. The short movie shows a day in Germany’s second biggest city from the perspective of a local. It transports some of the traditional facades of the city to Singapore, with the special appearance of the ‘Speicherstadt’, Hamburgs UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

Neon Lines by Jelena Moench, Eli Rix, Johannes Ohm

A dark room brought to live by two neon balls. One pink, one green. They don’t seem to know each other but after a while they interact. A room constructed of lines appears after the green ball touches darkness. The pink ball is able to go through the walls and the green one is trapped in a cage of lines. What now?


Passing yourself by Katja Fischer, Joey-Dean Woo-Ling

Passing yourself shows two figures in a virtual room which are discovering their inner selves and encountering different personality traits. The virtual space mirrors the reality to draw the viewer into the occurrence and to encourage self-reflection.

Sound of Architecture by Laura Gilich, Ties Kozok

These instruments are architecturally deformed in relation to the city of Hamburg. In this Projekt, we want to create a modern and powerful movement and a connection between the round and angular architectural styles of the Elbphilharmonie.

The Sound of Shapes by Ninja Annighöfer, Karl Gieth, Robin Aldag

How can you produce visual music? The Sound of Shapes is basicly a music roll, sized up into a big mashine and adapted to the architectural structures of the Elbphilharmonie entrance. From a simple movement to a transformation, this maschine is creating a graphical representation of music without hearing it.

Shivers by Sven Miller, Marc Nickel

How does your body feel if you hear music? Why does music make us move? What happens to your body and brain if you hear music? Our work shows what is happening in our bodies if you hear your favorite kind of music.

Spiral Suite, Eva Böttcher, Philipp Quast

The Fibonacci sequence and the golden mean are an often reoccurring pattern in music and architecture. In order to fulfill the the requirements of connection Music and the Elbphilharmonie building, we based our animation on those spiral shapes that radiate harmony.

An der schönen blauen Elbe by Jakob Münster, Insa Vollert

We wanted to make an animation based on the circles you can find anywhere in the
Architecture of the Elbphilarmonie. We animated these to the sound of a very well know
classical piece, written by Johann Strauss.


About the ELPHI Media Wall

Elbphilharmonie Media Wall

857,472 LED’s in Greeting
Consists of new fewer than 857,472 LED’s. It shows digital works of art on a display measuring 18 x 5m playing animation sequences and high-resolution films to provide a playful introduction to the building’s architecture. (

Discover more about the Elbphilharmonie media wall:


Dancing Waves of Sound

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