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“Cites are about connecting people, ideas and resources. Today, network culture enhances the urban vocation of connectedness towards complex spatialities that transgress the notions of online and offline, as well as geographical and national boarders.  What is the impact of network culture on public sphere and the opportunities for intervening in these urban processes through artist, creative and collaborative practices. Urban media art is one of the most significant trends currently unfolding in contemporary art. It enables artists to develop new participative and interactive forms of art.” by Susa Pop “What Urban Media Art Can Do” (Connecting Cites Network) 

updated 19.7.2019

Media Art Nexus Technical Spec:

Installation, Public Art, North Spine Plaza, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2016
Medium: 4mm LED Media Wall
Dimensions: L15000 mm x H 2100 mm
Resolution: 3840 pixels by 480 pixels
5.1 Channel Sound
Windows 10, 3 Kinects Xbox
Software platform: Derivative TouchDesigner



Location North Spine Plaza Nov 2015