Update for Week 8, Monday October 8th Moment Factory will be visiting Media Art Nexus Class

By: Ina Conradi |

In class next week:

4:30 – 5:00 guest speaker from https://momentfactory.com/lab Moment Factory   

5:00 – 6:00 informal critique by Moment Factory

For review we will use OSS- you will need to update OSS and present from your laptop or main school computer projected on a large screen. You can use your computer- but I highly recommend back up on OSS as we saw last time that the connection from your laptop to the screen could be wonky.


Title ( working title) 

Abstract: a short, 1-2 sentence long description of your idea, that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period. This description typically explains what the piece does, why you choose it, and how it will get done. 

The presentation is not you defending your thesis but presenting to gain valuable input!

  • Storyboard (not mood board) consisting of series of still large JPEGS embedded in OSS. 

Storyboard JPEGS need to be done in a resolution of Elphi Media wall, which is 1848 pixels by 464 pixels. The story-board can be derived from your prototype and / or combined with stills from your ideation or pre-planning stage, or stills from working render in progress. We need to be clear visually how your assets will fit Elphi Screen and how the assets will flow/behave.

  • Prototype

Present most current prototype rendered in the resolution of the Elphi Media wall as 1848 pixels by 464 pixels. Please if possible to have one render with no doors and windows and another one Still or render inclusive of doors and ticket window masks of the Elphi media Wall.

  • Here are some old examples that have been done inpast for Media Nexus – but these are final works and resolution is different 

Connection – Final

YIN & YANG – Style 1 & Experimentations

YIN & YANG- Final style and Animations


6:00  – 6:30 Class walks to Media Art Nexus at the North Spine for Preview of the STILLS JPEGS from your movie. Please submit 1-2 Still JPEG images (no tiff no png) by midnight Monday 7.Oct, or by Tuesday 9 am latest 8. Oct, LATEST.


If you want to preview animation please output to mp4 H264. (more on final animation output in class).

After review in class in ADM, we will walk to the media wall at the North Spine ,  and check:

  • on the past sem Elphi works
  • preview your works – checking on STILL Image JPEG quality from your film to identify if any flows in image quality.

Please render STILLS from your movie or test files as 3840 by 480 pixels JUST FOR TEST.

This resolution is close to Changi 4K resolution (3328 by 608 pixles) 16 x 3 m

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